Call of Duty Warzone season, called mercenaries of luck, has reached all platforms with a lot of content to try and discover. The Fortune Keep Map for resurgence mode is one of the most commented additions by its secrets.

I have already told you how to solve the mystery of the yellow candles in the cemetery, now I tell you how you can solve yourself/to the mystery that the wine bottles hide.

What mystery hides wine bottles in Fortune Keep?

In resurgence you can reappear, so don’t worry if another player kills you. You do not need to shoot to unlock the secret or easter Egg, so you can go unnoticed. Keep in mind that this secret can be revealed Once per game and that you can be advanced.

The first thing you should do is fall between terraces and KEEP, north of the island Fortune Keep. You must find 2 bottles of wine. They are likely to appear randomly in each game, as with the 3 yellow candles of the cemetery. Then I give you the two locations found by the Youtuber Xgarbett:

X1 Bottle : On the shelf of a house located northeast of the chapel.


If you do not find the bottles in these two points, look for the surroundings of Keep , especially within the structures. When you have achieved them, go inside the large rectangular building with a patio in the center of _KEEP, look for three empty shelves in the dining room room and interact to put both bottles and access a secret room.

There is no special reward for completing this secret or Easter Egg. Within the room you find superior quality weapons and equipment, which include a gold shield and a golden ax with vikings motifs .

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