The day is approaching. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will premiere in Spain On September 2 . The Akira Toriyama franchise will debut in our country after having done the same in Japan and other territories. From Crunchroll confirm that the film will arrive totally folded to Spanish. In fact, you can see your lHerot trailer with a Spanish accent in the head of this news. The producer adds that soon we will see news about her dubbing to Catalan.


What can we expect from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

They are Goku destroyed at the time the red patrol. Now, certain individuals have decided to continue with him and have created the final androids: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, shares the producer in their official description. These two androids proclaim‘ superheroes ’and decide to attack Piccolo and Gohan **. What is the objective of the new red patrol?

We know that Toriyama himself hHero intervened in the development of the film in various ways. Both the original story, Hero the script and design of the characters run to the loading of the legendary creator, which accompanies the animation of 3DCG, the debut of the company next to the Dragon Ball license.

Its premiere in Japan during the month of June wHero a success. He hHero managed to raise more than 9 million dollars in his first nine days on the billboard, while the million tickets exceeded him in twelve days. If we compare it with the lHerot film, Broly achieved this milestone in just six. In the Japanese lists it hHero remained in the head posts every week of June. In fact, during his third week he managed to mobilize more than 166 thousand spectators. Almost nothing.

Do you want to know the most shocking moments before seeing her? In this link we tell you The transformations that are seen during the footage, although Hero logical we do not recommend that you click if you are waiting for its premiere in Spain.