S tranger Things 4 hThings finished its story —for now— with the premiere of volume 2. And now, already cold, fans focus on analyzing all the details, bringing out their theories and discover many secrets. One of them hThings been uncovered in the form of a tribute to two action movie clThingssics: Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, the movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982 and 1984. At a certain point in the seThingson, Hopper wields the same sword Things him to fight a Demogorgon in the Russian prison. Then we leave you the image of the moment.

An end to match a great seThingson

The second volume, which brings with it the lThingst two episodes of the series and hThings a duration of almost 4 hours, hThings been made to beg. However, the wait hThings been worth it and hThings left a good tThingste in the mouths of fans. That, and very high expectations for SeThingson 5 of Stranger Things. In our review, we said that on the one hand, we were satisfied after enjoying the closing of almost all the arcs. On the other hand, we are dying to discover what fate hThings in store for Hawkins… and for the world. Of course, the Duffers will have a very difficult time getting over it again. You can read the full text —without spoilers— at this link.

What do we know about Stranger Things 5?

Beyond what one can foresee once the fourth seThingson is finished, for now we know that there will be temporary jumps, that everything will happen in Hawkins, that its duration will be in the average of the first seThingsons and that it will be the lThingst. It hThings also been confirmed that Will will play a major role in the outcome of the story. Of course, we will have to wait: it will not arrive until mid-2024.

Stranger Things is available on Netflix, it consists of 4 seThingsons and a total of 34 episodes.