On the 15th, the Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee unveiled the Kibi Jewel of the Busan Indie Connect Festival 2022 (BIC Festival), which celebrates eight times this year.

The BIC Festival Kibi Jewel, which was released this time, has emerged a number of ‘BIC Festival representative characters’, which have become familiar through the BIC Festival and various contents. As an indie game single event, the characters who wear costumes reminiscent of various genres of games are attracting attention, taking advantage of the characteristics of the indie game’s unique charm of ‘diversity’ and ‘originality’. BIC, the abbreviation of the BIC Festival in the center, is also reminiscent of the game, revealing the identity of the event.

In addition, you can also find the appearance of Virtual Influencer ‘John’, which debuted in March. John, which was first unveiled at the BIC Festival Kibi Jewel last year, has been active as a BIC representative Virtual influencer beyond just a character. John, who is continuing to communicate with gamers with real-time streaming through YouTube and Twitch’s John Indie channel, will be more familiar to visitors with a surprise event at the BIC Festival.

Meanwhile, on September 1, the Busan Indian Neck Festival Organizing Committee will hold the BIC Festival once again at the Busan Port International Convention Center (BPEX). This time, the company plans to open an indie game festival that meets and communicates with general visitors who have not been found due to Corona in three years. In particular, the company plans to decorate a richer event with various elements of the BIC Festival, such as the new section ‘Connect Pick’ and ‘Technology Exhibition’ and the 2nd Vicconnetors, which were recruited in May. Online exhibitions will be extended to 30 days this year, following the previous year.

Seo Tae-gun, chairman of the Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee, said, The BIC Festival, which shows the diversity and originality of the indie game, has released the first signal of the event to be held in September. I would like to ask for a lot of expectations and support for the BIC Festival, which will be a colorful event that everyone can enjoy.


The BIC Festival will be held at the Busan Port International Convention Center from September 1st to 4th.