For many years, the Nissan Qashqai led the listing of admission of the SUVs and also (from 2006) was able to gain from the role of a crossover leader. That was a while, not the very least due to the fact that the deal in the portable SUVs segment grew highly. In the center of in 2015, Nissan presented a new Qashqai and the inquiry is how the present design remains in the examination against a challenger like the Seat Ateca.

3rd qashqai generation

Qashqai-Cockpit: On Tekna+- level as typical with massage seats. Producer

Command center in the ATECA: digital analog operating mix. Maker

In the third generation, the all-round delicately and also qashqai expanded to a size of 4.43 meters with plainly obvious style lines. In the interior, nonetheless, the plus remains small, although the Nissan is six centimeters longer than the ATECA as well as the wheelbase is slightly bigger.

The Qashqai cabin with individually designed digital tools as well as head-up display screen appears rather functional. Additionally, an abundance of aid systems aids the chauffeur in all feasible circumstances, the helpers vary to energetic lane as well as rate (navibased and dependent on the course), the system is to be operated through buttons or the touchscreen.

In the luggage area, the Nissan lies with 436 to 1447 liters behind the ATECA (510 to 1604 liters). The predecessor of the Qashqai has currently varied, as well as the loading compartment can be subdivided again with the help of both components of the intermediate flooring. The packing edge, which is instead much upwards, makes it tough to grow in the sparkling boxes and in a similar way hefty objects.

turbo gas engine as well as automatic

Both compact SUVs remain in usual by means of turbo gasoline engine (for the Seat with a small bigger variation), additionally the front wheel drive and the automatic-stepless Xtronic for Qashqai, seven-speed dual clutch transmission in the ATECA.

In Qashqai, the little, turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder is 116 kW/158 hp as well as 270 Newton meters of torque. The moderate hybrid in Qashqai does not alter that, the electrical motor as a generator of power via recovery.

on top rate on the same level

Electric assistance: The Qashqai deals with a light crossbreed system. Producer

In the contrast of the driving performance worths, there are minimal advantages over the ATECA. Both versions increase from a standing beginning to 100 km/h in a good nine seconds, where the Seat has the nose slightly ahead, as well as in the intermediate sprint, for example from 60 to 100 km/h. In the full throttle, there is additionally almost tie at 199 (Qashqai) or 202 km/h (ATECA).

The Nissan service technicians have actually resolved the downsides of some continuously infinite gears, such as the supposed elastic band result: the automated is outstanding, the 7 set translations can likewise be picked making use of the guiding wheel paddles.

The turbo-driven 1.5-liter four-cylinder, which comes from the VW group’s modular system, is grown and eagerly used. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) switches over efficiently as well as constantly suitable. Shock: Despite the bigger displacement as well as better mileage, the Seat takes in much less than the rival in the test. In technique, a standard of almost seven litres at a range, around 0.3 l/100 kilometres less than the Qashqai, which also has the slightly higher empty weight (see data). What likewise plays along: The Seat engine can change off cylinder second as well as 3 with a reserved accelerator pressure.

driving comfort: advantage ateca

For driving actions: The ATECA likes its effective mix of handiness, dexterity and convenience. Virtually exemplary, he makes his reason with the adaptive dampers for 980 euros surcharge, which after that likewise postpones drawbacks of the 19-inch wheels (930 euros). In any instance, even coarser lane faults can do little to him despite the tight chassis ballot. Generally, suspension as well as damping job far better than the Qashqai, the 20-inches of which restrict the comfort at brief bumps.

Finally, the exact guiding, which ensures an excellent dosage of driving satisfaction in contours, in which the ATECA continues to be neutral for a very long time up until the ESP interferes late. Sporty sovereign as well as risk-free! Nissan is most likely to target a type of middle ground. Possibly the majority of the clientele the lower line is neither also soft nor an as well tight adjusting. The Qashqai does not desire to carry out particularly in regards to sporting activity, although the postponed brakes would have right stuff. In enhancement, he has the armada of conventional chauffeur aides compared to ATECA.

Conserve in different ways: The ATECA does not have moderate hybrid modern technology, but a cylinder closure. Maker

progressive or conservative?

The spirits are presently being run: some consumers are electronic tools and also touchscreens with numerous submenus too dynamic, which indicates that they prefer to press switches as well as buttons. In digitization, the VW team made a jump onward, especially with Golf VIII, and possibly agitated some dedicated followers of the brand. In the Seat Ateca there is an operating mix: very easy to regulate is air flow, heating and air conditioning, yet not the infotainment.

Nissan Qashqai 1.3 Dig-T Mild Crossbreed Xtronic: variation 1332 CCM, cyndrical tube 4, power 116 kW/158 PS at 5500/min, max. Torque 270 Nm at 1800-3750 rpm, continuous Xtronic automatic transmission, Lace 199 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 9.2 sec, consumption basic 6.4-6.2 l/100 km, length 4.43 m, width 1.84 without, 2.08 m with exterior mirrors, Height 1.63 m, luggage compartment 436-1447 L, vacant weight 1468-1586 kg, haul 399-517 kg, trailer load braked 1800 kg, unbraked 725 kg, cost from 36,480 euros, variation Tekna+ from 45,470 euros.

At the sale price: In the beginning glance, the Nissan Qashqai 1.3 Dig-T Mild crossbreed with 45,470 euros in the Tekna+ variation driven. If you take right into account the extensive devices, the cost is relativized. The price of the ATECA 1.5 TSI Act Fr suggests Seat with 35,260 euros.

For years, the Nissan Qashqai led the listing of admission of the SUVs and also (from 2006) was able to profit from the duty of a crossover pioneer. In the middle of last year, Nissan provided a new Qashqai and the concern is just how the present design is in the test versus an opponent like the Seat Ateca.

In the third generation, the overall delicately and qashqai grown to a size of 4.43 meters with clearly obvious layout lines. In method, an average of virtually 7 liters at a distance, around 0.3 l/100 km less than the Qashqai, which also has the somewhat greater vacant weight (see information). At the checklist prices: At initial glance, the Nissan Qashqai 1.3 Dig-T Mild hybrid with 45,470 euros in the Tekna+ version driven.

Data sheet:.

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Seat Ateca 1.5 TSI Act 7-speed DSG: variation 1498 ccm, cylinder 4, power 110 kW/150 hp at 5000-6000/ min, torque 250 Nm at 1500-4000 rpm, seven-speed double clutch transmission (DSG ), Idea 202 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 9.0 sec, intake requirement 5.7 l/100 kilometres, size 4.38 m, size 1.84 m without, 2.08 m with outside mirrors, Height 1.60 m, travel luggage compartment 510-1604 L, vacant weight 1418 kg, payload 597 kg, trailer load braked 1600 kg, untreated 700 kg, rate from 32,960 euros, version FR from 35,260 euros.