The manufacturer of game consoles, Turtle Beach, unveils its new React-R controller for Xbox One/Series. The latter will, in principle, proposed under the $ 60 CAD. Turtle Beach will also add on August 10, a camo version of its popular Jerud’s Day Recon. Here are the details:


The REACT-R is even more affordable with its recommended public price set at € 44.99, while offering features that players can find on the Recontens Controller. React-R quickly changes the volumes of the game and the vocal chat, while allowing the microphone to be cut and trigger the Superhuman Hearing®-owner technology of Turtle Beach-in one click. Its ergonomic shape, its grip optimized in the handles and triggers, its two programmable buttons at the back and its two vibration engines make the react-R a complete controller. The React-R Controller is compatible with the Xbox One, SERIES X | S and PC and is available in two colors: black, and white with touches of purple. You can find it on the official Turtle Beach website and at resellers participating in the recommended public price of € 44.99.

Xbox and PC players can connect any device with a 3.5 mm connection to their React-R controller for an immediate audio quality boost thanks to the owner technology of Turtle Beach: the Superhuman Hearing. The Superhuman Hearing setting gives a competitive advantage to the players who use it by emphasizing the most important sound effects, such as the steps of an approaching enemy. Volume control (game, vocal chat, mute) is also directly integrated into the controller for optimal comfort during parts. The ergonomic shape of the controller and its seized surfaces-on handles and triggers-make long parts more pleasant. Two vibration engines also perfect immersion, making players feel the roar of the engines, the surrounding explosions or the decline in weapons. Finally, two buttons at the rear allow you to be more lively and can be configured by players as they wish.