As banks were expected to enter the virtual asset industry, the virtual asset industry also expressed expectations. It is expected that the public confidence in the industry may increase as reliable operators enter.

In particular, the virtual asset consignment (custom) service, which banks are preparing for, can not only maximize this effect, but also promote the activation of the entire virtual asset industry.

■ Geumsan separation deregulation Including bank’s ‘virtual asset work allowance’ innovation task

The Financial Services Commission announced the direction of ‘financial regulatory innovation’ at the first financial regulatory innovation meeting held on the 19th, and ‘financial regulatory innovation tasks’ and ‘financial companies’ business related to virtual assets of financial companies Including the allowable review.

This is a reflection of the proposals of the National Bank Association, which cited virtual assets as one of the industries that wish to expand the associate business.

In addition, the bank also suggested that it would allow investment to invest within 1% of equity capital, including virtual assets, in order to promote the digital conversion of the financial industry. Currently, only 15% of non-financial companies can invest in non-financial companies.

In all of the meeting, Kim Ju-hyun, chairman of the Financial Services Commission, said he would consider improving the scope of financial companies and the restrictions on subsidiaries in order to deregulate the separation of Geumsan.

As the Financial Services Commission announced this policy direction, the bank’s entry into the virtual market is more likely to become a reality.

■ Virtual asset exchange Bank entry, promotes institutional investment

The virtual asset industry predicts that the direction of regulatory innovation will contribute to industrial growth. In a situation where consumers with negative perceptions of virtual assets are still considerable, it is observed that positive perceptions of the industry will be expanded when banks with high socially reliable businesses are incorporated into players.

An official of the virtual asset exchange said, The goal of banks is to provide a virtual asset custom service without going through its subsidiaries by using the features. It will be solid while acquiring.

If a bank begins the virtual asset business, it will also promote the creation of an environment in which institutions can reduce concerns about legal risks and invest in virtual assets.

An official from other exchanges said, It is positive for the market for the legal basis for traditional financial institutions to deal with virtual assets. There is nothing bad to considering the social position of the bank, he said.

However, securities firms also predicted that if they entered the virtual asset market, they would be likely to be directly competitive unlike banks.

An official of the virtual asset exchange said, If you add a simple development to the stock trading service, you will be able to support virtual assets.