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How to get meat on the farthest border

As in any other strategic game, resource management is crucial in Farthest Frontier, and there is nothing more important than collecting food for your people.

Rural residents must be fed correctly so that they can work effectively and avoid diseases such as scurvy. A rural resident consumes an average of about 35-40 food units per year. Thus, most of your time will be spent that your population has enough food.

You can grow your own food, but when it comes to collecting meat, you will have to go through some additional hoops. The next leadership will explain how you can get enough meat so that your inhabitants are happy in Farthest Frontier.

How to get meat on the farthest border

The game has two main ways to get meat for their citizens. You can go to hunt animals or go fishing in nearby streams.


To start collecting meat by hunting, you need to build a hunter’s hut. This will force one of your inhabitants to become a hunter. The hunter now needs to get into the wild so that he can hunt animals for stable meat supply. Hunters not only give meat, but also bring resources such as skins and fat.

You will need to build a dirt road from a hunter’s hut to wild areas so that they get access to wild animals. First of all, they hunt deer, but hunt other animals. These hunting houses can also be improved to hunting houses that allow hunters to catch small animals, such as rabbits, installing traps.

To arrange hunting huts on the outskirts of your settlement is a good idea, since hunters do not need to travel much. Also avoid wood production for the area where animal hunting is conducted. Forest cutting down will lead to a reduction in the population of wild animals, which will destroy your meat reserves.

Finally, you need to build a smoke house to extend the shelf life of meat and prepare it for serving. This step is very important, since without a smokehouse meat spoils very quickly and cannot be served to rural residents for eating.


The creation of fish stocks is necessary for the growth of your civilization, but this is a secondary source of food that can be used in addition to other primary sources, such as agriculture and hunting.

To get fish meat, you need to build a fishing hut near the reservoir. Nevertheless, you can’t just meditate thoughtlessly fishing stacks on any oncoming reservoir.

Fishing huts should be placed with a large number of coastal tiles for the most effective supply of fish meat. The placement of several fishing racks in one pond will lead to a rapid depletion of fish population, and fish costs for some time will become useless, since the fish will not be caught. Therefore, put one fishing stack on small ponds, and put no more than 2 fishing racks on large lakes.


Balancing of food sources

Developing your settlement, you should never forget about one aspect of collecting food supplies, namely about diversity. Too much dependence on one source of food can lead to catastrophic results if your main source of food is exhausted or broken due to some kind of disaster.

Therefore, diversify your sources of food with agriculture, hunting and fishing and never rely solely on any one of them. Harvests can be destroyed by drought, and the population of wild animals and fish can also be exhausted due to natural disasters. If you follow this only rule, you will never have any problems with food in Farthest Frontier.

Klu who enjoys alone, Steams new Tillwoo Menners Murderer announcement

If you have enjoyed the mystery board game ‘Kleu’, please pay attention to this game. The main character is the Murder of Tillus Meiner, where you can enjoy Klu by yourself without a friend.

The murderer of Tillus Meiner was released on September 6 and was produced by Australian developer Cutlas Board Game. The rules of the game can be thought of as ‘Klu’ who enjoys it al1. Players are guests invited to a strange party at Lady Till Wood’s new mansion, and the main goal of the game is to find the culprit of murders at the party.

A total of 13 playable characters appear in the game. In every game, one of the characters must be selected, and the killer is randomly selected. The murderer, of course, lies, and other characters talk about what they have witnessed for the truth. In the game, there are about 20 million conversations and scenario combinations, and there are so many endings. It’s a game where you can enjoy Klu as a single player.

The killer of Tillus Meiner will be released before September 6. The support language is English, unfortunately Korean is not formally supported.

Can you share an account at Xbox Game Pass? For now, but that could change soon


Xbox Game Pass is a real success of Microsoft. monthly or annual subscription. So much so that other companies in the video game industry have also created their own Game Pass type system. **

But while Microsoft seems to have the recipe for success, the company does not seem to fall asleep in the laurels, and will soon aim to launch a subscription of amigos and family, allowing the whole family to share the same account.

Family and friends, the future of Game Pass?

The information comes to us from aggiornamenti lumia, an Italian site that revealed the name of this sharing system, which has recently been tested in Ireland and Colombia. According to the online magazine, the friends and family subscription, similar to the family _plan of Nintendo Switch, would allow four people to access the Game Pass catalog!

For Nintendo’s family plan, players can (supposedly) share the subscription only between people from the same home. The _friends and family would allow its users to share it with whoever they want , at least if the information of the Italian newspaper is true.

Thus, players could play simultaneously with the same account, without waiting for another person to finish their session. According to this same source, Microsoft should offer this subscription at € 22 , a price that is currently offered in countries where it is tested. Mathematically, € 22 divided by four people is equivalent to € 5.50 per player , which is much less than an individual ultimate subscription, which is currently offered to € 12.99.

This information has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft and, therefore, should be taken cautiously. Even so, previous reports confirm a possible test phase in Ireland and Colombia. In addition, offering such a subscription would be in line with Microsoft’s commercial strategy, which is constantly innovating and finding other ways to enhance its precious game pass.

Wow: Dragon Flight: switches

Alpha Build 45232 from WoW: Dragon Flight has actually brought a revolutionary change. And this does not imply any type of new course skill or a endgame attribute, however another interface setup for the battle. Instead of hammering a switch in order to act the exact same strike straight one after the various other, you can now hold the button down and also achieve the very same result.

Well, if you have also occupied switches. Due to the fact that the mouse button does not cause the feature.

new interface choice invoke by pushing makes sure fewer vital hammers

Resource | Icy-Veins

Frost illusionists in WoW Standard would have liked this feature previously to shield their fingers as well as joints in a row when several frost flashes work. Additionally in Retail-Wow there are still courses that appear in their turning an ability numerous times in a row, such as the Arkan magician with an arcane strike. ** Exactly how do you locate feature Magic through in WoW Dragon Flight?

WOW: Dragon Flight: Secret hammers were yesterday, thanks to Magic through Pressing (2) Source: Rubbed with wow (buy currently): Dragonflight is altered something once again. You can find the Magic through using gameplay and afterwards user interface option. Scroll a little down to the combat alternatives and placed the hook on Magic using if the button is to be utilized once again when the switch is pushed.

To the homepage to the gallery

Instead of hammering a button in order to act the same assault straight one after the other, you can now hold the switch down and also attain the exact same effect.

Sebastian Glanzer

Due to the fact that the mouse switch does not set off the feature. Scroll a little down to the combat choices and also placed the hook on Magic via if the switch is to be used again when the button is pressed.

Harappy header: Lozano leaves the Napoli

With positive self-image and also the particular portion of respect for the challenger, Florence and Napoli entered the top game of 2 up until now as unbeaten and well-launched teams at the end of the third match day. Nevertheless, this led as well much struggle as well as pain.

Lively highlights remained in short supply in the entire first 45 minutes, yet there were crisp battles as well as many discussions on the grass as well as also from SSC instructor Luciano Spalletti, who had actually grabbed yellow early (19th min). From a purely showing off means, the viola was a little closer, after which the Neapolitans showed themselves a little extra figured out. Apart from a couple of harmless levels, a dual shot from Sottil and also Bonaventura on Naples caretaker Meret (24th) and a narrow Osimhen-Smit goal (43. ), there was really little deal. The logical repercussion: an okay 0-0 for the break.

Kvaratskhelia locates Lozano

Section two had a little even more to use, largely oppressive Neapolitan and also a huge possibility. After a great chip of Kvaratskhelia, target gamer Lozano actually took care of to place his adhering to header up enclose front of package and also completely free-standing right (51. ).


Consequently, still was revealed once again, both teams appeared flawlessly prepared that night. Over all, the protective series constantly found out about the corresponding demonstrators.

The last phase continued to rupture at 0: 0, yet tension was as a result used something once again with fresh team. It started with a Jovic directly the violets (73. ), while SSC joker and also beginner Raspadori stopped working to goalkeeper Gollini (74. ). Raspadori ought to additionally be subtracted again, yet right here, too, the ball did not find its method right into the Gollini housing. Therefore it stayed with the just 0: 0, which both groups can absolutely live with-and additionally undefeated in this young collection a season.

Lively highlights were in brief supply in the whole first 45 minutes, yet there were crisp battles as well as many conversations on the grass as well as likewise from SSC trainer Luciano Spalletti, who had chosen up yellow very early (19th minute). The final phase proceeded to break at 0: 0, but tension was therefore used something once more with fresh team. And so it remained with the just 0: 0, which both groups can definitely live with-and additionally undefeated in this young collection a season.

As a sound problem, the broadcast stops from the first match of the 2022 LCK Summer Final.

The 2022 LCK Summer Season has a lot of talk and rides outside the toxic game. In the meantime, the broadcast accident occurred in the most important final match.

On the 28th, the 2022 LCK Summer Finals were held at Gangneung Arena, Gangwon-do. The game, where Zenji and T1 play, began with the opening ceremony for about 20 minutes from 2 pm. Afterwards, with the introduction of the player, the broadcasting screen was suddenly disconnected and the broadcast accident occurred at the same time as the broadcast screen was suddenly disconnected. There was no sound on the screen for about 10 seconds, and the game was stopped for a while after 3 o’clock. Riot Korea explained that the cause was a field network problem.


While the organizers were reorganizing the problem, on the screen, the images that were produced were sent instead. At the final site, Jeon Yong-jun caster, Lee Hyun-woo, and Kang Seung-hyun commented on the cheering match and game information. However, the crew, who decided that the recovery was not quickly recovered quickly, declared that the game was stopped, and Jeon Yong-joon caster sought his patriarchal understanding from the fans, and both the audience and the players left for a while. The sound problem was not fixed for more than 30 minutes, and the players entered and the broadcast resumed until 3:40.

This season had a lot of toxic incidents. The interruption of bugs during the game occurred more than ever, and several times, such as judgment and referee qualities occurred. Nevertheless, in four years, 12,000 seats sold out in the finals in the local cities, not in the non-metropolitan city, for the first time in the region, and fans’ love was still. In the end, however, a fatal acoustic accident occurred at the final scene.

Switch battery should last longer? Tiny adjustment brings you a lot more juice on the way

You are typically in portable mode with your Nintendo Switch and also you consistently run out of the juice? A lightning-fast modification can help. We inform you what setups you have to produce it.

flight mode The Switch is battery rescuer

Then it has to be found quickly. Or you can just expand the battery efficiency of your switch with the flight mode .

If you mostly play on the internet video games that use Switch in the docking terminal or usage cloud-saves, this trick is obviously not ideal for you.

This idea splits a player on Reddit as well as insists that it makes a substantial distinction in battery intake whether the flight mode is switched over off. Also if your Switch is at remainder , the flight mode will continue to safeguard the battery.

A number of individuals likewise report that games in flight mode start much faster . This is due to the fact that offline games likewise lug out a WiFi inspect at the beginning, which takes some time. Also the structure rate benefit from the switched off internet activities in some video games.

As a crossbreed console, the Nintendo Switch is ideal for players that do not intend to do without pc gaming even on the go. A bettor session can rapidly come to an end if the console runs out of the juice after simply under 3 hrs.

Why do the net functions draw a lot battery? If you are linked to the Net, your switch remains to work in the background-she on a regular basis look for offered updates, share what your friends are doing and also the eShop informs you Concerning activities. It all costs energy.

Just how do you trigger the flight mode on the switch?

You are frequently in portable mode with your Nintendo Switch and also you routinely run out of the juice? Also if your Switch is at remainder , the flight mode will proceed to protect the battery. If you are linked to the Web, your switch continues to function in the background-she on a regular basis searches for available updates, share what your buddies are doing and also the eShop alerts you Concerning activities. A number of customers additionally report that video games in flight mode begin quicker . Also the structure price advantage from the switched off net tasks in some games.

If you do not wish to do without Bluetooth in flight mode, you can reactivate it manually in the settings. For instance, this is very important for the advantage of the happiness cons.

Incidentally, you wish to save even much more battery efficiency? You must dim the illumination of your screen – that also brings you a terrific saving.

Switch on the airplane mode is fairly basic: Select System Setup in the house menu from → Select Aircraft mode on the left in the alternatives → Go to the right side and pick Airplane mode → Trigger it with the print on the A-button.


_ The Nintendo Switch has several terrific video games, however these acquisitions have significantly regretted gamers: _.

How to recruit demons in Soul Hackers 2

The battle in Soul Hackers 2 rotates around hiring or recruiting demons into your group and using them against enemies. Remove your cards correctly, and your enemies will hide before the power of your demon. However, you will not advance far enough if you do not use this mechanics properly. We have prepared a detailed leadership to give you information on how to recruit demons and unite them in Soul Hackers 2.


How to recruit a demon in Soul Hackers 2

When you enter any of the dungeons in the game, Ringo will send a demon-reconnaissance to find yen and valuable items that you can use. In addition, they are also looking for other demons in the area that can be hidden in an isolated area.

When they find other demons, they will present them to you. You can conclude a contract with the demon that you were presented to you. In return, the demon will ask you for a favor or, perhaps, even Jen join you.

If your level is lower than that of the demon, you cannot recruit them at all.

how to drain the demon

The merger, as the name implies, allows you to unite two demons that you have, or any of the demons that you can get from Victor in Cirque du Gumaden. There are two types of mergers in Soul Hackers 2.

normal fusion

In Normal Fusion, you can use any of the two demons you have that will give you another unit, more powerful than the previous ones.


In Compendium Fusion, you can look for demons to your taste or characteristics that you need specifically. You can either buy demons that will cost less than a registered demon to replenish your collection.

Compendium Fusion is a more universal alloy that will also allow you to buy demons with maximum characteristics only for their unification. If you have enough money, you can even buy a demon you want, but it will be ridiculous expensive.

Steam secret suggestion: Asian horror video game will teach you the worry

Attention fans of horror games and Oriental mythology! There is a brand-new surprise on Steam that has it all. We’ll tell you what The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation is everything about and what the Steam community believes of the horror game.

for followers of Ju-on: The Animosity

Steam customer and horror fans are currently getting their cash’s worth. On the one hand, Ghost Watchers inspires the multiplayer players as well as on the other hand, solitary gamers in the mortuy aide scare the soul out of his body.

This time with Oriental roots. The video game takes you to a Taiwanese college, where you slide into the role of 6 pupils. ** Timeless problem.


small price, but a great deal of horror

The horror game expenses only 16.79 euros. By the method, if you strike till August 31, you will certainly receive 10 percent discount on the game.

Attention fans of horror games and Asian folklore! The video game takes you to a Taiwanese university, where you slip right into the role of six pupils. The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation is based on a well-known Taiwanese horror tale and also faces you with gameplay, as you might understand from the last longer than games. You are always on the hat off to the women spirit that breathes you on the neck.

Comparable to the last longer than, just the getaway and also hiding. Defense or various other methods to protect themselves. Change to remarkable moments, panic screams as well as some digital fatality.

The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation is based on a popular Taiwanese horror story and confronts you with gameplay, as you might recognize from the last longer than games. You check out the college from your first person point of view, fix challenges as well as find ideas that expose the tale little bit by little bit. You are constantly on the hat off to the women spirit that breathes you on the neck.

In any kind of case, the Steam neighborhood loves the Eastern show fairy story and average awards 90 percent positive evaluations. In contrast, the reasonably brief having fun time of four hours is evaluated.

The next Pokemon TCG expansion already has a release date

Although the Pokémon World Championships this year arrived in its last weekend, information about the various games of this franchise does not stop. In this way, the exact launch date for the next Pokémon DELTCG expansion was recently revealed. **

For all lovers of this card game, The Pokémon Company has revealed that the expansion of sword and silver shield will be available on November 11, 2022 . On this occasion, more radiant Pokémon will be introduced, such as radiant jirachi and radiant alakazam, some shiny presented with recorded illustrations that usually have powerful attacks and skills. In addition, the expansion will give prominence to more Pokémon V-Astro, such as Lugia V-Astro and Regidrago V-Astro, along with the first V-Astro Pokémon of the Pokémon TCG that has not reached its final evolution: Vulpix de Alola V-Astro.


Similarly, All coaches can find the following outstanding cards of sword and silver shield in improvement packages, elite coach boxes and special collections:

-Tres radiant Pokémon.

-15 Pokémon V and 18 Pokémon V in letters of expanded illustration.

-A Vmax Pokémon.

-Seis Pokémon V-Astro.

-30 letters that illustrate fans’ favorite coaches with their Pokémon in the subset gallery of coaches.

We remind you that the expansion of Pokémon TCG, known as Sword and Silver Shield, will be available on November 11, 2022 . In related issues, here you can check our review with the producer of Pokémon Unite. Similarly, this is our pokémon: The Arceus chronicle review.

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