Love, money, rock and roll is an interactive plot game full of secrets, romance and introspection. Players take on the role of Nikolai, since his whole world turns upside down. Help him take a complex and confusing journey that will reveal the truth about the sudden death of his parents and corruption surrounding the corporation for which they once worked. You make a choice that will affect history and results, and also collect beautiful backgrounds and wallpaper for your gallery. You can receive achievements for completing certain tasks during the game, for example, the achievement of the expert.

How to get an achievement of a connoisseur of love, money, rock and roll

The achievement of the expert is given out players who manage to completely fill their Gallery of wallpaper C Each von as well as computer graphics . There are ten pages of backgrounds and eleven pages of computer graphics, full points and places depicted during experience. Computer graphics depicts special moments captured between the characters, and the background-as it is called-depicts places at different times of the day, as shown in the game. The backgrounds and CG that you have not yet collected will be marked with an icon with a crossed eye.

how to unlock more wallpaper in love, money, rock and roll

K unlock the wallpaper , you must experience the moments of history. This means play through the whole game and navigation different options . You may have to play with different outcomes several times to fully achieve this. After you witnessed the moments, you can go to the Gallery menu and find them in the list for viewing.

What can be done with wallpaper in the gallery?

You can open your unlocked wallpapers and interact with them on Click with the right mouse button your mouse . Camera in the lower left corner allows you to stop and reproduce the animation on the screen, such as moving fans, floating dust or flickering lights. Some wallpapers also have options ** on the right side of the screen to show background people or change the emotions of the characters. Press the right mouse button again to enjoy the full background image and enjoy the soothing soundtrack with aesthetic look.

Beautifully painted illustrations for the game Love, Money, Rock-n Roll deserve attention and admiration, so it is so cool that you can keep them in the gallery during the game. If you manage to collect them all, you will become a real expert in the game!

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