Humble Games and Indie Bellopper Jacob DZWINEL have released a new background video following the July 22 video of the 3D fighting action Midnight Fight Express .

This work is a 3D proximity fighting action game that looks down. Players will be led by a mysterious AI drone as the main character of the criminal underground organization to prevent crime planning to take over the city. You can enjoy flowing intuitive battles such as punch, kick, and dodge, and you can use level-ups and skill tree to braid more destructive martial arts. There is also a character customization function, so you can establish your own style with a wide variety of cosmetics.

In the published video, SUPER ALLOY INTERACTIVE, who develops the motion camera system XSENS, and Eric Jacob, a professional stuntman, demonstrates various actions used in actual games and Xsens. It contains how to capture motion and commentary. You can see how it is reflected in actual gameplay, such as a powerful great turn around in a scene surrounded by multiple subways and an action scene that uses different weapons.

The expected new fighting action MIDNIGHT FIGHT EXPRESS will be released on August 23 for PC (Steam, Humble Store)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. It will also support Game Pass. In Steam, Japanese is compatible with interfaces and subtitles.