Bae Jae-min, a Korean tekken professional gamer, won the 7th EVO 2022 Tekken. He has won the EVO for four years since 2018.

At 5:30 am on the 8th, EVO 2022 Tekken 7 TOP 8 games began on the 8th, and TOP 8, with Bae Jae-min, ‘Jeon Sang-hyun’ Jeon Sang-hyun, ‘MEO-IL’ Oh Dae-il, and ‘Langchu’ Jung Hyun-ho I posted a name. At the same time, two Pakistan players, known as the seven-tekken power of ‘Khan’ and ‘Aslan Ash’, were known as the seven-tekken nations, and the ‘Super Akuma’ Vincent Homan of French nationality, and Shinya Yamaguchi Shinya, a Japanese player.

The finals were compressed by the catastrophe of Korean and Pakistan. In Korea, ‘knee’ and ‘Khan’ in Pakistan won the finals. In the finals, ‘knee’ used Fengway, ‘Khan’, and ‘Khan’ used Gis Howard, and the game was played in five wins and three wins. In this game, ‘knee’ gave one set, but finished the game with a set score of 3 to 1 by winning three sets from two sets to four sets.

In particular, the four sets were fiercely engaged in the last round, and ‘Khan’ triggered Gis’s lazy art ‘Nasengmun’, leaving the last one second, but ‘knee’ shed it and hit the last attack and confirmed the championship.. The fans who watched the game also appreciated the performance of Khan, who showed a whistle with him with the knee who showed outstanding performance in long-term activities.


As a result, ‘knee’ won the championship this year following the Tekken Together 7 in 2013 and 2018 in 2018, and won three championships in the EVO ‘Tekken’ event. In particular, he lost to EVO 2019 and lost to the runner-up, and after three years he resumed in EVO 2022, he proved that the class is eternal.

In addition, Bae Jae-min won all 11 games from the qualifiers to the finals this year, and won the TWT point of 550 points and the prize money of $ 7,215. Regarding the game, he said, It is hard to win the championship that was so hoped for the international competition after a long time in the aftermath of the Corona virus.