For some players, Lord of the Rings online is no more what it utilized to be. Therefore, they want the previous material back. The developers Standing Stone Games are presently in a completely various instructions as well as promise a boosted visuals in the near future.

The exclusive web server Echoes of Angmar should bring the old gaming experience back on the internet from the MMORPHERR of the rings. Currently you have to cancel the task due to the fact that the author became conscious of the duplicate .

Fans of Lord of the Rings Online desired the content of 2007 when the video game was brand-new. For that reason, they began a job: the exclusive server should replicate all web content till publication 1, Volume 11 consistently and restore the zones from at that time. Similar to the mission series and also the old Trait system.

_ 14 years after the release, the MMORPG received an expansion, you can see all the info in the video clip: _

For the private web server with the old material, the very first anxiety tests must take area this month. In September, more content would have been added.

If the web server goes on the internet, there are repercussions

Eventually, the job obtained a lot awareness that the developers of Lord of the Rings likewise got it online and also resorted to Middle-Earth Venture. The legal rights to J. R. R. Tolkien’s works come from them worldwide.

What took place to you? Echoes of Angmar is no more a trick in the community. Followers were anticipating it, although personal servers are a kind of illegal pirated copy.

The Echoes of Angmar group obtained a main e-mail from the author:

Precious Echoes of Angmar Team,

They need to expect legal as well as monetary effects if the followers do not stick to it. Within the next few days, a message concerning closing down the web server can be thought. We at Meinmmo keep you as much as date.

Echoes of Angmar utilizes certain content from the books as well as from our licensee for the Lord of the Rings online without using a certificate. To be straightforward, sending such letters damages our heart. Fans typically develop points that reflect a connection with Tolkien’s productions.

What do you state regarding the mail that the Author project group has obtained? Do you believe it’s a pity that the server currently concerns an end? Or do you see it right due to the fact that it is a pirated duplicate and also personal web server are unlawful? Please compose it in the remarks right here on meinmmo!

Judging by their site and disharmony, they are people with endless interest for HDRO, JRR Tolkien, the Hobbit as well as the Lord of the Rings. We recognize your interest and also thank you for the fandom.

We have to ask for the immediate termination of any unapproved usage of Echoes of Angmar and also all various other Tolkien-related IP addresses on all platforms including Discord, YouTube and also

However, as a brand name proprietor as well as administrator of Tolkien’s jobs, we need to send possibly hard messages regularly than we would certainly such as. Considering that your business utilizes the jobs as well as brands of Tolkien in an unauthorized way without utilizing a permit, we have to ask you to quit.

We have actually made note of their magazine of Echoes of Angmar, and we value as well as share their interest for the works of Tolkien and specifically for the creators and creators of the Epic MMO’s Lord of the Rings online.

Warm greetings,

Middle-Earth Enterprise

As the administrator of Tolkien’s works, we take our duty really seriously to secure the works on part of fans all over the world for life. As the proprietor of rights in intellectual residential property, we embark on to secure these legal rights both morally as well as lawfully.

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Echoes of Angmar utilizes certain content from the books and also from our licensee for the Lord of the Rings online without using a certificate.

Followers of Lord of the Rings Online wanted the content of 2007 when the video game was brand brand-new. They started a job: the private web server ought to replicate all web content until book 1, Quantity 11 faithfully and also bring back the zones from back after that. For the personal server with the old material, the first stress and anxiety examinations ought to take location this month. Followers were looking onward to it, although exclusive web servers are a kind of prohibited pirated copy.