Tower of Fantasy is MMO, but desperate renolls could miss this small part with the mass creation of accounts with the reeroll1, Reroll2 names and so on. If you find that you are regretting the wrong choice of a name and are too passionate about your account to restart it, do not worry-you can certainly change the user’s name in Tower of Fantasy. But this does not come for free.

How to change the user name in Tower of Fantasy

Go to store in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on hot section on the left panel. In this category you will find an item called a personality update card .


The personality renewal map costs 300 dark crystals and allows you to change the user name. once. Dark crystals can be farm in the game-you will have enough to buy this item at an early stage. After buying the goods, find it in your backpack Select it, click use and change the user name!

There are no two players on the same server can be the same user name, so try to get a good name before the server is crowded. In addition, keep in mind that a personality change card can only be used once. You can change your user name an unlimited number of times, but you must lay out 300 dark crystals for each copy.

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