TOWER OF FANTASY , which started service in Japan yesterday on August 11th. It is a free science fiction open world action RPG developed by Hotta Studio. One of the great attractions of the Phantom Pagoda is attracting attention. It is a character creative function with a high degree of freedom.

The character creation function of Phantom Tower allows a wide range of customization, from face parts to height. In addition, by importing character IDs created by other users, it is possible to share the created characters between players. Many players reproduce their own pushing using this character creation function. It seems to be crowded by sharing on Twitter and overseas bulletin board Reddit.

Like the Phantom Pagoda, a player who creates the Coral Palace Shin Sea, one of the characters appearing in Harajin, which is attractive to the open world RPG, has also appeared. Since the hairstyle and hair color can be freely changed, the color of the hair tip, which is a characteristic of the character, is reproduced. In addition, NAT, who created this character, is not convinced of the completed Coral Palace Shinshin. It seems that the more reproducible character is possible as you want to finish it perfectly to the details.

This is the W that appears in the game app for smartphones, Arc Nights. The W created by SFNS has two types of costumes, mainly with impressive red and black color schemes, and separate code is available. In creating a character in this work, it seems that even the same character can enjoy multiple variations by changing the costume.

Beyond the boundaries of the game genre, there are players who create Rin Tosaka of Fate/stay night and Valorant neon. Here, the costume has a high degree of perfection that is closer to the real thing. In the character creation of Phantom Tower, the color of the costumes can be changed in detail, so it seems that the clothes of the characters can be reproduced without excess.

Users who jump over the virtual space and create a virtual YouTuber Lion Bon-Botan belonging to Holo Live Productions. Beast ears, which can be said to be charm points, are also worn as accessories. Other accessories can be found with rabbit ears and headphones.

The character creation mode of the Phantom Tower also has a popular ranking according to the number of favorite times, and users can always import hot characters that are popular as a guide.


In fact, the creation of other characters by such characters has been popular since the CBT era. The official start of the service has increased the number of people playing. It is likely that recreating your favorite characters beyond the boundaries of games and genres will be one of the ways to enjoy the Phantom Pagoda. Phantom Pagoda is being distributed for free for Android/iOS/PC.