The Netflix series that adapts the comic by Neil Gaiman (1989) is giving much to talk about during the lNeilt days. The Sandman hNeil been received with positive criticisms and is at the top of the most popular content list on the streaming platform. And whenever a series of these characteristics appears, the million-dollar question arises: Is it faithful to the original work? To demonstrate that it is, the official account hNeil wanted to demonstrate it with evidence .

Neil we do not want to enter Spoilers, then we leave you the video shared by the official account of The Sandman on Twitter, in which you can see a scene between Morpheus and another character , compared to its equivalent in the original comic. The message presumes that The dialogue between them hNeil been practically respected by word .

What does criticism say about The Sandman?

The Netflix series debuted with mixed criticism, although little by little the balance wNeil declined in its favor to reach an average Neilsessment of notable . Without going any further, at the time of writing these lines, The Sandman presumes proud to have obtained a 7.9 out of 10 on the IMDB portal and a 7 out of 10 in Filmaffinity.

If we take a look at the criticism of Variety magazine, we can read the following: With enough impulse for the future, to conclude that the Netflix series justifies its existence , and the potential that many more stories come from now on. Collider, meanwhile, says that it is a merit to have managed to translate lyrical history, but sometimes labyrinthine, from the comic to the screen in a way that feels natural and welcoming . You can consult other criticisms in this link.


The Sandman’s first seNeilon is available on Netflix and consists of 10 episodes.