On August 22, the Korea Game Policy Autonomous Organization (GSOK) released a non-compliance game of probability item self-regulation implemented by the Korea Game Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association).


This announcement was made according to the revised Code since December last year, and it is a reinforced content, equipment synthesis, and pet synthesis, such as the disclosure of individual probability of capsule-type content such as character drawing, equipment drawing equipment, equipment, and character reinforcement. The summary contents also disclosed the probability of success.

GSOK monitors the probability disclosure of the top 100 games online and mobile from the 1st to the end of each month, and is taking measures to cancel the public and autonomous regulatory certification unless the complaints are not modified for three consecutive months.

As a result, the GSOK Self-Regulatory Evaluation Committee unveiled 21 types (2 online and 19 mobile) as of July this year. Compared to June, the era of the palace 3D, riches: business was excluded from the list of Mi-qualitators, and four games were released as a new game, including S.O.S: State of Survival, Kingdom Three Kingdoms, Duffray MMORPG, and Emperor Harra.

Hwang Sung-ki, chairman of the Autonomous Regulatory Evaluation Committee, said, Some of the long-term non-compliance games have been converted to compliance after a long effort to comply with autonomous regulations. It shows that regulations can be effective.