Intel will publish a large number of new products related to new products, including processors that will be released next year, through HOT Chips 34, a semiconductor industry academic event held in the US in late August.

During this event, which runs from 21st to 23rd (local time), Intel is a processor for general consumer such as Meteorake, Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake. ) ▲ FPGA-based hardware and 5G · IoT (IoT) will publish a total of four papers related to the Xeon D2700 · 1700, a processor for edge devices.

■ CEO Pat Gel Singer, Hatchips 34 keynote speech

Hatchips is an industry event where major semiconductor companies present advanced technologies such as high-performance processors. Since 1989, it has been held in Silicon Valley in the United States until 2019, and this year’s event ‘Hatchips 34’ will be held in the form of online and offline hybrids.

The keynote speech will be held on the afternoon of 22nd and will be held by CEO of Pat Gel Singer Intel. In this keynote, titled “ Semiconductors Run The World, ” Pat Gelinger CEO explains the importance of semiconductors and packaging, ciplet ecosystem and software.

In a pre-briefing last week, Vice President of Boyd Phelps Intel Design Engineering Group explained, We will contain a message that packaging technology is as important as processor technology and helps to solve the upcoming problem.

■ IDM 2.0 strategy first result ‘Meteorake’

Intel has manufactured a processor in a monolithic method with a CPU, a built-in graphic chipset, and an input and output.

However, Meteorake, which will be released next year, is completed by putting tile-based semiconductors produced in different processes on ‘bass tile’, which acts as a bowl.

The new strategy ‘IDM 2.0’, which was released by Pat Gelinger Intel last year, will also be applied in earnest. The core of this strategy is to produce core products (CPU tiles) inside, but some products will be produced using external foundry.

Intel is designed by SOC (System Semiconductor) tiles in charge of compute tiles (CPUs), GPU tiles, and I/O tiles in charge of input and outputs and AI acceleration. However, all tiles other than compute tiles are produced and supplied from the outside, and TSMC is the most prominent company.

We have been trying to produce tile-based semiconductors, but we have been constrained by packaging technology and have to completely change our design.

■ Meteorake GPU tile rumor, not true

Meanwhile, Intel said in the pre-briefing that the rumors of the market related to the delay in Meteorake’s launch and the TSMC’s 3nm (N3) process consignment are not true.

Market research firm Trend Force and Taiwan Digita Times cited officials from the semiconductor industry earlier this month, saying, Intel has delayed the launch of Meteorake and decided to consign internal GPU tiles. I insisted.

But on the day, Boyd Phelps vice president said, There was a bit of confusion, but Meteorake was cruising and the time of release was not delayed as the industry’s claim.