Xbox Game Studios has announced the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live to add a new civilization to the RELIC ENTERTAINMENT and WORLD’s Edge RTS Age of Empires IV . It is a free update, and if you have the game itself, you do not need to purchase additional DLC.

The additions are Ottoman Empire and Mari . The Ottoman Empire features a trained army and a huge gunpowder weapon The Great Bombard . The West African civilization Mari demonstrates powerful economic power in gold mining. In addition to these two civilizations, new maps, achievements, masters implementation, and road map content released in June are included in the update.

In addition, next month, there is a chance to experience the contents of the update in the public update preview, and free play will be held at Steam until 2:00 am on August 30, Japan time.

Age of Empires IV is being distributed to PC (Steam/Microsoft Store). Anniversary update will be held on October 25 local time.