BRACE YOURSELF GAMES has officially announced the spin-off work Rift of the Necrodancer of Crypto of Necrodancer .

This work is a rhythm game in which the main protagonist Cadence of Crypto of Necrodancer is active in the modern world. In the game, Rift Mode, which battle with monsters, MINI GAME MODE where Cadence struggles in the modern world, Boss Battles Mode, which confronts powerful bosses, the songs are familiar in the series. Ski and collaborator will be in charge.

Regarding the story, the Cadence seems to be the purpose of restoring the lift (tearing) where monsters flow, and from the trailers and the screenshot of the Steam store page, Dove (Dove), etc. You can also check the appearance of the other characters that appeared.

Rift of the Necrodancer, which also announces the support of MOD and online leader boards, will be distributed on Steam for PCs.