The battle in Soul Hackers 2 rotates around hiring or recruiting demons into your group and using them against enemies. Remove your cards correctly, and your enemies will hide before the power of your demon. However, you will not advance far enough if you do not use this mechanics properly. We have prepared a detailed leadership to give you information on how to recruit demons and unite them in Soul Hackers 2.


How to recruit a demon in Soul Hackers 2

When you enter any of the dungeons in the game, Ringo will send a demon-reconnaissance to find yen and valuable items that you can use. In addition, they are also looking for other demons in the area that can be hidden in an isolated area.

When they find other demons, they will present them to you. You can conclude a contract with the demon that you were presented to you. In return, the demon will ask you for a favor or, perhaps, even Jen join you.

If your level is lower than that of the demon, you cannot recruit them at all.

how to drain the demon

The merger, as the name implies, allows you to unite two demons that you have, or any of the demons that you can get from Victor in Cirque du Gumaden. There are two types of mergers in Soul Hackers 2.

normal fusion

In Normal Fusion, you can use any of the two demons you have that will give you another unit, more powerful than the previous ones.


In Compendium Fusion, you can look for demons to your taste or characteristics that you need specifically. You can either buy demons that will cost less than a registered demon to replenish your collection.

Compendium Fusion is a more universal alloy that will also allow you to buy demons with maximum characteristics only for their unification. If you have enough money, you can even buy a demon you want, but it will be ridiculous expensive.