The 2022 LCK Summer Season has a lot of talk and rides outside the toxic game. In the meantime, the broadcast accident occurred in the most important final match.

On the 28th, the 2022 LCK Summer Finals were held at Gangneung Arena, Gangwon-do. The game, where Zenji and T1 play, began with the opening ceremony for about 20 minutes from 2 pm. Afterwards, with the introduction of the player, the broadcasting screen was suddenly disconnected and the broadcast accident occurred at the same time as the broadcast screen was suddenly disconnected. There was no sound on the screen for about 10 seconds, and the game was stopped for a while after 3 o’clock. Riot Korea explained that the cause was a field network problem.


While the organizers were reorganizing the problem, on the screen, the images that were produced were sent instead. At the final site, Jeon Yong-jun caster, Lee Hyun-woo, and Kang Seung-hyun commented on the cheering match and game information. However, the crew, who decided that the recovery was not quickly recovered quickly, declared that the game was stopped, and Jeon Yong-joon caster sought his patriarchal understanding from the fans, and both the audience and the players left for a while. The sound problem was not fixed for more than 30 minutes, and the players entered and the broadcast resumed until 3:40.

This season had a lot of toxic incidents. The interruption of bugs during the game occurred more than ever, and several times, such as judgment and referee qualities occurred. Nevertheless, in four years, 12,000 seats sold out in the finals in the local cities, not in the non-metropolitan city, for the first time in the region, and fans’ love was still. In the end, however, a fatal acoustic accident occurred at the final scene.