Xbox Game Pass is a real success of Microsoft. monthly or annual subscription. So much so that other companies in the video game industry have also created their own Game Pass type system. **

But while Microsoft seems to have the recipe for success, the company does not seem to fall asleep in the laurels, and will soon aim to launch a subscription of amigos and family, allowing the whole family to share the same account.

Family and friends, the future of Game Pass?

The information comes to us from aggiornamenti lumia, an Italian site that revealed the name of this sharing system, which has recently been tested in Ireland and Colombia. According to the online magazine, the friends and family subscription, similar to the family _plan of Nintendo Switch, would allow four people to access the Game Pass catalog!

For Nintendo’s family plan, players can (supposedly) share the subscription only between people from the same home. The _friends and family would allow its users to share it with whoever they want , at least if the information of the Italian newspaper is true.

Thus, players could play simultaneously with the same account, without waiting for another person to finish their session. According to this same source, Microsoft should offer this subscription at € 22 , a price that is currently offered in countries where it is tested. Mathematically, € 22 divided by four people is equivalent to € 5.50 per player , which is much less than an individual ultimate subscription, which is currently offered to € 12.99.

This information has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft and, therefore, should be taken cautiously. Even so, previous reports confirm a possible test phase in Ireland and Colombia. In addition, offering such a subscription would be in line with Microsoft’s commercial strategy, which is constantly innovating and finding other ways to enhance its precious game pass.