If you have enjoyed the mystery board game ‘Kleu’, please pay attention to this game. The main character is the Murder of Tillus Meiner, where you can enjoy Klu by yourself without a friend.

The murderer of Tillus Meiner was released on September 6 and was produced by Australian developer Cutlas Board Game. The rules of the game can be thought of as ‘Klu’ who enjoys it al1. Players are guests invited to a strange party at Lady Till Wood’s new mansion, and the main goal of the game is to find the culprit of murders at the party.

A total of 13 playable characters appear in the game. In every game, one of the characters must be selected, and the killer is randomly selected. The murderer, of course, lies, and other characters talk about what they have witnessed for the truth. In the game, there are about 20 million conversations and scenario combinations, and there are so many endings. It’s a game where you can enjoy Klu as a single player.

The killer of Tillus Meiner will be released before September 6. The support language is English, unfortunately Korean is not formally supported.