As in any other strategic game, resource management is crucial in Farthest Frontier, and there is nothing more important than collecting food for your people.

Rural residents must be fed correctly so that they can work effectively and avoid diseases such as scurvy. A rural resident consumes an average of about 35-40 food units per year. Thus, most of your time will be spent that your population has enough food.

You can grow your own food, but when it comes to collecting meat, you will have to go through some additional hoops. The next leadership will explain how you can get enough meat so that your inhabitants are happy in Farthest Frontier.

How to get meat on the farthest border

The game has two main ways to get meat for their citizens. You can go to hunt animals or go fishing in nearby streams.


To start collecting meat by hunting, you need to build a hunter’s hut. This will force one of your inhabitants to become a hunter. The hunter now needs to get into the wild so that he can hunt animals for stable meat supply. Hunters not only give meat, but also bring resources such as skins and fat.

You will need to build a dirt road from a hunter’s hut to wild areas so that they get access to wild animals. First of all, they hunt deer, but hunt other animals. These hunting houses can also be improved to hunting houses that allow hunters to catch small animals, such as rabbits, installing traps.

To arrange hunting huts on the outskirts of your settlement is a good idea, since hunters do not need to travel much. Also avoid wood production for the area where animal hunting is conducted. Forest cutting down will lead to a reduction in the population of wild animals, which will destroy your meat reserves.

Finally, you need to build a smoke house to extend the shelf life of meat and prepare it for serving. This step is very important, since without a smokehouse meat spoils very quickly and cannot be served to rural residents for eating.


The creation of fish stocks is necessary for the growth of your civilization, but this is a secondary source of food that can be used in addition to other primary sources, such as agriculture and hunting.

To get fish meat, you need to build a fishing hut near the reservoir. Nevertheless, you can’t just meditate thoughtlessly fishing stacks on any oncoming reservoir.

Fishing huts should be placed with a large number of coastal tiles for the most effective supply of fish meat. The placement of several fishing racks in one pond will lead to a rapid depletion of fish population, and fish costs for some time will become useless, since the fish will not be caught. Therefore, put one fishing stack on small ponds, and put no more than 2 fishing racks on large lakes.


Balancing of food sources

Developing your settlement, you should never forget about one aspect of collecting food supplies, namely about diversity. Too much dependence on one source of food can lead to catastrophic results if your main source of food is exhausted or broken due to some kind of disaster.

Therefore, diversify your sources of food with agriculture, hunting and fishing and never rely solely on any one of them. Harvests can be destroyed by drought, and the population of wild animals and fish can also be exhausted due to natural disasters. If you follow this only rule, you will never have any problems with food in Farthest Frontier.