Com2us released major data related to Summers War: Chronicle (Chronicle).

About 20 million summons were summoned within the period, of which more than 250,000 were evolved to six stars, regardless of their gender. Following the four-star star, the three stars were the most fostered in six stars, and the rate of three-year-old and four-star summons accounted for 72%of the total six-star summons.

As an individual summoner, the four-star wind attribute mystic location has evolved the most, and the summary can earn quests in the summoner story in the game. Fire attribute Epicion, which can be obtained by the four-star choice, was second, and the three-star wind attribute pixie and water attribute powder, followed by the four-star water attribute Amazon.

In the ‘Arena of Adventure’ between users, the most common summons used by rankers in the top 100 are born three-star summons..

In response, Com2us explained that the use of the summons that can be obtained relatively easily is increasing, and the six-star evolution of the three-star summons is increasing. He said that he is not highly dependent on high or certain summons, and he has played an important role depending on his opponent and situation.

Launched on August 16, ‘Chronicle’ is a MMORPG that collects and combines three summoners and 350 summons to enjoy adventure and battle. You can grow the summons with five attributes and various skills, including water, fire, wind, and darkness, and team up to enjoy strategic battles. The summoner is summoned from 1 to 5 stars, and can evolve to the highest level of 6 stars.