On the celebration of the announcement of the publication day, Wales has actually published an all new gameplay trailer that reveals some interesting playable characters, dangerous blade tools as well as impressive areas alongside ruthless 1V1 battles.

Sharpen your blade as well as prepare to contend against terrifying challengers that are all masters of their fatal craft. Wales is pleased to be able to announce that the by the Blade, the brutal sword battle video game with dynamic one-hit kill combat mechanics, will certainly be launched on November 3, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One & Series S/X. Nintendo Switch over will be launched later in 2023.

The by the Blade developed by Grindstone and Triple Hill Interactive was motivated by epic titles such as Bushido Blade, Method of the Samurai and the Dark Souls collection. In a spectacular samurai punk globe, players have to select from a number of standard Japanese weapons to determine their relocation collection, parry the impacts of their challengers at lightning speed and to grasp the art of one hit kill!