Since the first episode on Apple TV was issued in 2020, Ted Lasso stole the heart of many football fans and casual spectators equally. To celebrate that passion and the large number of awards that the program obtained during the awards seasons of the last two years, Ted Lasso and company have even gotten into the largest football game that exists. So how do you play like them? Here is everything you need to know about How to play as AFC Richmond in FIFA 23.

How to play as AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

There are many ways to play as AFC Richmond in FIFA 23, but the most notable is that you can select Ted Lasso as your playable coach in the race mode, or you can administer AFC Richmond by changing them to the Premier League or any other playable league of the race mode. All you have to do is select them when starting a new saved in mode.

AFC Richmond can also be played in Kick-Off, friendly online and online seasons, including the Greyhound stadium in Nelson Road. In addition to all this, you can even access them in Ultimate Team mode.

Are there AFC Richmond content in Fut 23? Answered

Yes, the team, the uniform, the players, the coaches and more will be available and can be unlocked when completing several objectives and challenges. That means that you can equip authentic kits and typhus, customize your stadium with the colors of AFC Richmond and Ted Lasso or Coach Beard as manager of your club. We will make sure to provide more specific updates on how to get all this soon.

That is all you need to know for How to play as AFC Richmond in FIFA 23. Are you still looking for more exciting virtual football news? Then, be sure to consult the rest of to see the rest of our guides and the content we have for the game, since there are many articles to explore, including how to get the other helpless team loved by English football fans, Wrexham AFC.

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