On the 24th, Jong-il’s Animation ‘Mongol Ark: Dawn of Dawn’ released the broadcast and streaming period on the official website. The first airing starts at 1:23 am on October 29 from Terrell Tokyo, and streaming starts at 2 am on October 29.


Along with the release of the day, various new information was also released. First, the opening song was decided by the Alive of Japanese female singer LEONA, who also sang the first anniversary of the first anniversary of the Ark in 2020. Along with the game, OKTA, the main character of the game and the important character Amiga, was also unveiled.

Animation production main staff also released information. The director of the animation is One Fun Man, Haiku !! Watanabe Yuri has been in charge of the original and has been participating in the Mongol Ark Animation PV since 2020. First, it was found that Nadia Yuri played a doctor who had never been revealed in the game. In addition, it is confirmed that the voice actors who could meet in the games such as Amiga Station, Tokyo, Takes Assume in Doberman, Sakura Alone in Near, Yasunoki Mono in Hoshihuma, can be seen in the animation.

Mongol Ark: The Dawn’s Jean Song Streaming Platform has not been revealed to date.