Preparing delicious dishes will be the main part of your work in Disney Dream light Valley. You can make several waffles in this regard, for example, chocolate waffles and waffles with peanut oil.

The next leadership will teach you how to prepare waffles with jam to share them with the inhabitants of the Valley. This will help you increase the level of friendship. You can also sell waffles with jam for 709-star coins or consume them yourself to accumulate energy.

How to cook jam in Disney Dream light Valley

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled before preparing a jam waffle. The first of which should unlock oven .

You can do this by helping Scrooge Mack Open his store, and then buy a stove from his catalog. You can also get a stove for free by completing Mickey Mouse. Federation quest.


If you have a stove, it’s time to get the following ingredients for the recipe with a jam:

  • 1x fruits
  • 1x wheat
  • 1x egg
  • 1x milk

The easiest way to get all the ingredients is to buy them at GUI shop or Remi restaurant . They are relatively cheap.

You can also grow them yourself on your farm, plant your seeds . In the same way you can purchase their seeds from GUI.

In addition to the above two ways, you can always find them in the wild. Always follow the ingredients on Earth, examining various biomass in Disney Dream light Valley.

When you have all the necessary ingredients, return to the valley to chat with your stove. Place the ingredients in cooking slots and prepare delicious jam waffles.