Game Berry (CEO LIM Hyung-cheol) will change its name to AIMED for a new leap on September 28 and start to strengthen the Holdings system.

Since its establishment in 2011, AIM has been operating businesses in various fields such as AdTech, performance marketing, pet business, mobile games, and blockchain in CIC, projects and subsidiaries.

In particular, in recent years, several new businesses have been focused on diversifying business and stabilizing business diversification and growth. In July, the company moved its headquarters to Seocho-dong to enhance the convenience of employees and to create various synergy effects by strengthening communication and collaboration. Veteran experts and talented people from Abyss have been recruited to build manpower pools.

Therefore, based on AIM’s flexible collaboration structure, which focuses on experts in each field, it is newly named AIMED, which is based on the meaning of business creative companies that challenge problems in various fields. The company plans to re-establish and further strengthen its role as a company builder and holdings.


Through this, AIM is expected to drive stable business as well as the growth of its members based on the business experience and expertise of experts in each field.

In addition to securing growth engines, the company is designing new roadmaps to secure market competitiveness by reorganizing the BI (Brand Identity) and VI (VI (Visual Image Unification) to secure growth engines and strengthen brand awareness.

For the past 11 years, AIM has built a solid infrastructure along with business experiences in various fields such as Ad Tech, mobile games, and pet business, said AIM. We will try to showcase the AM DOD business, such as actively fostering and spraying successful CIC’s.