Pi nix has officially released the deck building rogue light Alina of the Arena for Windows/Map (Steam).


This work is a rogue-light deck building game that contains strategy elements and was inspired by Slay The Spire and Into The Breach. The player is an arena that entertains blood-hungry spectators and will fight to survive as a girl’s sword fighter.

It is characterized by the combination of head-based tactics and deck building, and the concept of positioning is added, so you can enjoy strategies that are not captured by simple attacks and defense. In addition, you can equip both hands with weapons that combine advantages and disadvantages, and you can fight in various combinations according to your opponent and situation. His previous work has been played by many Japanese players, so it is already in Japanese at the moment, when it is officially released.

ALINA OF THE ARENA is on sale for 1,520 yen. We sell 20%off until October 28. There is also a trial version, so if you are interested, you may want to play from there.