The update brings many brand-new and enhanced attributes, new tools, revised locations and a brand-new automobile. Nevertheless, the most essential technology is a secret bunker facility that appears on the Livonia map. Gamers that like to holler through the apocalypse will likewise delight in a new armed forces vehicle as well as the enhanced automobile animations, which now ensure a lot more supple driving experience.

The Czech computer game programmer Bohemia Interactive announced the magazine of the Day upgrade 1.19 with the title Keys of Livonia. This is the best growth of the ready this year.

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Livonia in the spotlight

In this update, the focus gets on Livonia. The DLC map is available for PC, Xbox and also PlayStation. It has an area of 163 km ² and also becomes part of a fictional Polish-speaking nation. In the center of the overgrown ruins and the blooming wild there are plenty of intriguing locations and also brand-new areas. Lawns, villages, quarries, summer season camps, hunting huts, improvised camps, theme park as well as big sealed areas are spread over the map. The most attractive location is the deserted underground armed forces bunker, which can just be entered with the help of a special item. As soon as on the inside, the players need to collaborate as well as resolve dark passages to discover the whole facility.

The days flying around and also Humvee’s are passé

Update 1.19 presents revised and new truck simulations that offer an even more genuine driving experience as well as repair issues such as flying autos. Currently, there is likewise a handbrake, a horn as well as substitute tires that are lugged in a special slot. In order to celebrate these enhancements, the M1025 vehicle was likewise contributed to the video game. It is a mobile armed forces vehicle that the area has actually desired for a very long time.

New weapons as well as navigation things
| Improvements on the Livonia map
New one-of-a-kind areas| a below ground shelter

A new unique area on the Livonia’s map| Improved car simulations and also the brand-new vehicle M1025 | Navigating improvements and a general practitioner receiver | SSG 82 sniper rifle and BK-18 shotgun | blood loss indications
Bleeding is now displayed in the shape of leaking blood on the screen| new vibrant occasions
Police encounters and also military convoys currently appear in various locations of the map| Adjustments for controllers
Several exploits have actually been gotten rid of and a much more natural sensation of activity was accomplished

attribute list

The upgrade brings several brand-new and also better functions, new weapons, changed locations as well as a brand-new vehicle. Players who such as to holler with the Armageddon will certainly also appreciate a new military truck and the boosted car animations, which currently make sure and also much more flexible driving experience.

The development likewise provides a variety of brand-new objects and also gizmos that can be used in Marsh. Over all, the collection is broadened. The SSG 82 presents a brand name brand-new sniper rifle. The single shot-tipping shotgun BK-18 is additionally new. Players who usually get shed on their exploration scenic tours need to absolutely get the new GPS receiver. The device matched the in-game map and also makes navigation in the area much more submersed and simpler.

Update 1.19 introduces brand-new and modified automobile simulations that provide a much a lot more authentic driving experience and also repair problems such as flying cars and trucks. The growth likewise provides a selection of brand-new items and gadgets that can be made use of in Marsh. The single shot-tipping shotgun BK-18 is also brand-new.