Phantasm Celebrity was characterized by the fact that it was just one of the few video games with a female protagonist. As a lady, it was crucial to her to create women characters who not just had to be conserved as well as with which people of both sexes can determine.

Yuri NASA, who had actually worked with Phantasm Celebrity as well as Sonic with Obama in the past, created a short obituary on Twitter, so he announced that he had excellent memory of collaborating with her. He took part in the dead guard and funeral as well as might not believe exactly how unexpectedly her fatality came. He prays that her spirit can relax in peace.


Obama was recognized for not pressing right into the public and passing on to the group. In an interview, she stated that in the three decades in the video game sector she never felt that she was disadvantaged as a female, she had actually never been discriminated than men at Sega.

Reiko Obama, initially understood as Phoenix AZ RIE, began her career in the mid-1980s, at first as a graphic designer. She is most well-known for her job on the Phantasm Celebrity collection, as well as she directed for Phantasm Star IV.

Up until the 2010s she was energetic in the game market. Her 35-year career acts as ideas for many women who will follow her.

A pioneer of game growth passed away with Reiko Obama, as Sega Producer Yoke Tsunami confirmed when asked by followers after checking out the homage in the credit ratings of the Mega Drive Mini 2.