T1 and DRX will fight this Sunday for being the first team to win the renewed Copa del Indicator. After defeating their rivals by three maps to one, and curiously losing the first map of the series, the second and fourth seed South Korean have shown that they deserve to fight for the title for their own merits.

With a little diverse schedules, and a change of time included, they have danced as if Michael Jackson were five that will give to talk, and the numerous narratives that can be generated around it.

Hours of the World Final that will measure T1 against Dr

After a few hours quite decent for European people over the last days of group stage and the best five, in the final it will be transfusing. The best of five will begin one, according to the schedule set by Riot Games itself, but keep in mind that with the previous shows and the occasional possible surprise before this final starts, this time can vary.

So that there are no confusion, and as they would say in the NBA, the final will begin the morning of November 6, at 01:00 Spanish peninsular time . Possibly on several Twitch channels, such as the LVP or Esportmaniacos, so they will have more information than they do on their social networks.

If you follow the competitive League of Legends for many years, this schedule will sound familiar to you, since in the 2016 edition, it stepped on American soil, the final was also played at that time. One of the things that changed this end is the headquarters of the event that will pass from the Staples Center to the Chase Center of San Francisco , two of the most special fields of the NBA both for history and for recent rings.

How, and where can I see the World Cup final?

For the final, a wide range of possibilities is always opened to follow it. Here we leave you an article in which we review what the channels that would make direct, either with images or radio to cover the tournament, having diverse options and for all tastes, and more if you are one of those who cannot see the live end and put it the next day in the morning.

As for seeing it, there is a wide range of options, if you don’t want to see it alone in your home, or you are a group of friends, and you still don’t have a clear plan to enjoy this T1 against DRX. Many movie theaters and equipment will open their doors so that people can see the final with them. For example, Giants already announced the entrance to his home for fans who wanted to move there. Your registration is free.

As the days progress, we will update the article to try to make a complete map at the national level of the sites where you can see this World Final. What is clear is that there will be many options and that on Saturday, November 6 at 01:00 Spanish peninsular time, you are as comfortable or comfortable as possible to witness what can be Faker’s fourth hindered or deft, returning to the top of the top of the world.