Next week it will finally arrive God of War Ragnarök to our hands, and fans can’t wait to enjoy the new Rates and Women’s adventure. In this way, Santa Monica has shared all the information related to visual performance and the different graphic modes that this title will have on PS5, PS4 Pro and PS4 standard.

Recently, Santa Monica revealed that God of War: Ragnarök_ on PS5 will have six different visual modes , the PS4 pro two, while the standard version of the last generation console will only have 1. Each will offer a variation in resolution and frame rate. Here we find:


-Dampen: 1440p-2160p and 60fps.

-Descent and a high frame rate: 1440p and 60fps unlocked.

-Dampen, High Frame Rate and VRR: 1440p and 60fps unlocked.

-Calling: 2160p (4K native) and 30fps.

-Calling and high frame rate: 1800p-2160p and 40fps.

-Calling, Alto Frame Rate and VRR: 1800p-2160p and 40fps unlocked.

PS4 Pro:

-Dampen: 1080p-1656p and 30fps unlocked.

-Calling: 1440p-1656p and 30fps.


-Stand: 1080p and 30fps.

As you can see, the game will have different options for everyone who wishes to have a high frame rate, or a better resolution. We remind you that God of War: Ragnarök_ will arrive at PS4 and PS5 on November 9, 2022. On related issues, Ben Stiller stars in the new game trailer. Similarly, this sequel was already leaked.

Editor’s note:


It is good to see that a wide variety of options are offered. The fact that PlayStation not only wants to meet the 30FPS and 60FPS is quite noticeable, but is also entering the 40FPS, something that could well become a standard in the future.