A MOD that replaces the locomotive of Victoria 3 with Piranha Thomas, which is loved worldwide. The name is Thomas The Tank Engine. It is distributed at the Steam workshop.

Victoria 3 is a strategy game. The stage is the modern world from the 19th to the 20th century. Players select any country of this era and operate the nation. It is good to continue to work on non-war and keep the tradition, or promote industrialization and aim to expand. The national management policy is up to the player.

This work, which is set in the world after the Industrial Revolution, also has railway technology. As in reality, railways play an important role in transportation and infrastructure development. In this work, there is also a graphic in which locomotives run around the laid railway. It is an element that can be visually felt as the industrialization of its own country is progressing and developing.

And this work has appeared in this work, Thomas The Tank Engine, which replaces the locomotive graphics with Thomas, a locomotive character that loves the world. It is open to Steam workshop by Steam user Monot1. If this MOD is introduced, all locomotives in the work will be replaced with Thomas. The attractive Thomas with a distinctive blue body and a smiling face will swell the share of locomotives around the world in the game. It is said that the MOD has animation and models for LOD (distant view graphics).

Piranha is a classic popular content in PC games MOD. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, where MOD production is thriving, there are naturally mods that replace dragons and various enemies with Thomas, respectively. In addition, SKIRT: SHADOWS DIE TWICE has a MOD that has a huge white snake replaced by a huge Thomas. Furthermore, in Resident Evil Re: 2, there is a MOD that replaces the terrible strong enemy tyrant with Thomas (related article 1, related article 2).

In addition, as in Victoria 3, PARADOX Development Studio’s Space Strategy Stellar is also has a Thomas MOD by user. Thomas jumped over the track and entered space.

As mentioned above, Thomas, who shows a strange way of being loved in the MOD community. A MOD has been created to alleviate fear or increase the fear of awe with a lovely Thomas. On the other hand, Thomas The Tank Engine, which was released this time, allows you to worship Thomas, who runs on the rail as a locomotive.

The page of this mod of Steam workshop has commented on the appearance of Thomas Mod. Some users praise the best MOD, and some say, No game is from the same game (No Game Is Safe from Thomas). If you are worried, why not proceed with this MOD, which is a bit different from the conventional Thomas MOD?

Victoria 3 is on sale for PC (Steam/official website). Thomas The Tank Engine is being distributed at the Steam workshop.