On November 4, indieveropper Cartwright released the latest trailer for the deplorable puzzle game Path of Kali: Journey Begins . It has been announced that it will be released on November 9 local time for PC (Steam/Itch.io/Gamejolt). The Steam store page states that it is distribution on November 10 Japan time, and the game is expected to support Japanese display. This work is distributing a free demo version on each platform.

PATH OF KALI: JOURNEY BEGINS is a search-type puzzle game drawn from a third-person perspective. The main character of this work is Kazan, a Japanese wolf who died. The player must overcome many trials with his partner’s spirit to operate Kazan and invite Kazan’s soul to Como’s country. The trial is a puzzle format, and the player seems to solve the puzzle with actions such as lighting a lantern. It is said that this work emphasizes the story. It seems that Kazan and his buddy spirit are also incorporated, and a heartwarming story development is also included.

In this work, Japanese-style elements are strongly incorporated, and you can check the Japanese landscape in which lanterns, Jio, tor ii, etc. are placed as objects in the game. In addition, the elements of Japanese old tales, such as Chiba and Monetary, color Kazan’s adventure. Since there is a photo mode, it seems that it is possible to record Kazan’s adventure drawn with beautiful touch like paintings.

The search elements are also substantial, and there are several items that can be collected. It seems that there is a pleasure to find a collection item as a detour, such as enjoying the beautiful Japanese landscape.

Path of Kali: Journey Begins is the first game to be released from the developer Cartwright. This work has been produced in December 2019, and the long-awaited release has been decided after three years. According to the developer official website, Path of Kali: Journey Begins is especially recommended for fans of game works such as Ogam, Kane no Habit, and The First Tree. The Japanese-style game-like elements featuring wolves and buddies may have been influenced by the beautiful scenery and stories from the above three works.

Path of Kali: Journey Begins will be distributed to PC (Steam/Itch.io/Gamejolt) from November 9th. This work is distributing a free demo version at the writing stage of this article. If you are interested, why not pick up the demo version?