A fake account of famous companies such as Nintendo and Valve appears on Twitter. The trouble is that those fake accounts were attached to a certified badge (blue badge) despite the fake. The certified badge, which should have been a proof of identification of the Twitter account, seems to have been able to easily obtain fake accounts due to Twitter’s change of policy. Kodak and others report.

Twitter is a service that provides microblogs and social networking functions. It was launched in 2006, and has been used as a place for users to share and chat in everyday life, and as a place for celebrities and companies. Game works information is often shared from Twitter accounts of companies such as Nintendo and VALVE, and many followers. Many readers use it as a means of gaining information such as games in real time.

On Twitter, the existence of a fake account that will become celebrities and companies is one of the problems. For example, about Mahavira Samurai, a creator, known in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl series, also has a fake account while using Twitter. With the blue certified badge, it became easier to distinguish the real (related article). The blue badge awarded after Twitter’s screening was a genuine account of companies and celebrities. However, it is better to change such a recognition of the blue badge. The fake account of Nintendo and Valve has appeared with a blue badge from the other day (all now have been frozen).

The fake Nintendo Twitter account was spoofed as an official Nintendo U.S. corporation with the name and icons of Nintendo of America. On the other hand, the ID is @NLNTENDOOFUS, which is quite different from the real @nintendoamerica while pretending to be Nintendo US corporation. The fake account became a hot topic and thought that it would be frozen immediately, and remained for a while. Mario was posting images such as provocative hand signing.

And a fake appears on the Twitter account of Steam Management Valve. This is a real ID @Valvesoftware, while the fake is @Valveso TF ware, which is confusing. This fake account announced a fake game called Ricochet: Neon Prime and invited fans to misunderstand. On the other hand, the account also posted a tweet that was alerted. He pointed out that Twitter Blue is a problem, he pointed out that it could easily spread the wrong information and called for improvement with Elon Musk. This fake Valve account may have been a primary and protest purpose.

This is because the fake accounts have been imposingly certified badge because of Twitter’s policy change. First, at the end of last month, Elon Musk became a Twitter CEO. He said he had dismissed the directors at once and decided to reduce employees. And the service of Twitter itself has also changed, and it seems that the Blue Authentic badge can be purchased for the US region.

Twitter offers a paid subscription service Twitter Blue to some regions (not provided in Japan). And for the United States, the other day, a blue-certified badge has been given to users who have been using this Twitter Blue, similar to the conventional review account. In other words, it is a form that you can purchase a blue certified badge for a few dollars a month. This is the reason why the fake accounts of Nintendo and Valve have raised the blue badge.

It would be better not to trust the certified badges, which had a role in guarantee that the celebrities and corporate accounts were genuine/themselves. On the other hand, there is a way to make sure that this is the same blue badge that indicates the real thing or just in Twitter Blue. In the account after the examination, when the badge is clicked, this account is authenticated because it is attracting attention in the government, news, entertainment, or other specified categories. On the other hand, in the Twitter Blue account, This account is authenticated because it is registered on Twitter Blue. By checking the origin of the badge, it is possible to confirm the reliability of the account.

And it seems that another way of distinguishing will be added. Esther Crawford, who is involved in the product department on Twitter, announced on November 9 about a new Official notation on his Twitter account. The profile of the account that has obtained the badge after screening as in the past will add the notation Official. However, in any case, you will not be able to escape the confusingness as long as you give the same blue badge. CRAWFORD’s account is a blue badge by Twitter Blue. Although the remarks are considered to be real due to past tweets, follow-up/followers, etc., I should keep in mind that it is not a real blue badge.

Twitter shakes by Musk’s inauguration. The appearance of this fake account may be such a series of turbulent aftermath. Although you have to watch what the Twitter will be in the future, it seems better to be doubtful in the blue certified badge. In addition, the authentication badge of the Automaton Twitter account is a badge after being judged.