This myriad of changes to Dr. Munro’s set will be launched today on the BE, where Riot will likely see the champ closely to ensure that the jungle-oriented focus lands well with players.

Dr. Munro is taking a hit to his base stats to avoid him from being threatening at early levels across two roles. Both parts of his passive impacting his health regeneration are likewise being nerfed, consisting of the health his container offers.

Dr. Munro will no longer have the ability to execute little jungle monsters with his E, rather getting extra 50-percent damage to all jungle monsters. The Madman of Faun’s Q will likewise now require additional health to utilize. Notably, this appears to take away from Dr. Munro’s strengths in the top lane since he loses a bit of his capability to poke his enemies.

His supreme, Optimum Dosage, no longer provides the champion with additional advertisement, however he’ll gain significantly more health as the ability ranks up. A brand-new passive is also being contributed to the ability that increases its healing effects when at max rank.


Riot Twin ENSO, a champion designer for League, exposed today that Riot is looking at numerous changes for Dr. Munro, a number of which are intended at making the wacky champion more viable in the jungle. Like the previously-announced Zero changes, these adjustments are anticipated to be readily available for screening on the BE later on today, without any indicator as to when they will reach the live servers.

Riot is putting a big focus on Dr. Munro’s W, Heart Zapper, in an effort to make the ability feel more beneficial to utilize. Though it’ll cost more health to last and use for a much shorter duration, he will turn much more damage taken while the ability is active into gray health, therefore allowing him to recover more after the duration ends.

A recently-reworked champ in League of Legends is receiving a few gameplay updates that may enable him to flourish in more than just his desired function.