Above all, the brand-new Rather callers naturally bring their own bugs and problems with them. Apart from the scaly brand-new gamer individuals, there are building websites that developers committed to the brand-new dungeon in Andaman, missions and pre-events.

WOW: The hotfixes of November 17, 2022



  • Repaired a problem through which the newly produced callers could not go into the dungeons of iron docks and girlish depot.
  • An issue was repaired through which magic could be worked while remaining in the figure.
  • An issue was repaired not to purchase armor parts of the everlasting gladiator or the everlasting candidate.


  • New Rather need to no longer cause several chat messages about achievements.

dungeons and slaughterhouse

Andaman: Tradition of Try

The dungeon must now appear in the dungeon finder under world events throughout the Unleashed Storm occasion before the growth, even if the gamer has a low product level.


objects and benefits

When developing some devices, A problem was fixed that led to the incorrect things level displayed.
Fixed a problem that consisted of the Mythic+ chests for going back to Marathon at the end of the run a prey with the false item level.
A problem was repaired through which some opponents and video game items in dungeons of the shadow land with an optimum level for characters appear at level 60.


The drop possibilities for the saddle of the kid of Galleon, reins of the incredible onyx cloud snake, reins of the cobalt blue urterrorhorn, reins of the thundering cobalt cloud snake and the sun’s falcons of the suggestions were significantly increased.

  • A problem was fixed through the player of the opposing faction during the pre-events for WoW (buy now): Dragon flight had no opportunity of prey if they defeated a fire, air, earth-or-water mob.
  • Spines throughout the earth storms of the pre-events no more flying gamers.
  • Repaired a problem in which the step requirements for traditional mission series were miscalled.
  • Fixed a problem in which gamers with lower graphics settings had problem finding Ethan throughout the intro mission of the Rather.
  • An issue was fixed in which gamers might get stuck on the prohibited island.
  • An issue was fixed in which the objectives of the constantly prepared were no longer displayed after finishing the quests from the pre-expansion phase.
  • Rather can now finish the mission and accept The response of the Arc hon.

Rage of the Rich King Classic: Hotfixes from November 17, 2022


  • A problem was fixed, not appropriately taken advantage of the resistance through the companion.


gamer against players

  • The calculation of the PVP category was adapted to make sure a continuous, modest boost in the MMR for the remainder of the season.
  • Keep in mind from the developers: We kept an eye on the department of examination of the players, and the percentage of players who have actually reached the scoring requirements is much lower than we would like.

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