It is easy to complete the Bit life World Bit cup task if you know how to achieve each goal in the task. Start by creating any character of your choice, and then follow the instructions below.

All goals in World Bit cup Challenge

To go through the World Bit cup Challenge in Bit life, players need to complete the following main tasks:

  • Become the captain of the school football team.
  • Become a professional football player
  • Get the Golden Ball reward
  • Win 3+ championship
  • Pass the doping test

Before starting the World Bit cup test, you should buy Jobs Pack in Bit life, as the whole test revolves around DLC. You can purchase DLC in an in-game store for $4.99.

How to become a captain of a school football team in Bit life

The first goal of the World Bit cup contest is to become the captain of the school team in Bit life. To do this, you will need to deal with football from a young age. First, when creating your character, choose a life with sports as a special line/talent. Starting your life, keep yourself in shape, playing sports. There is a healthy diet from an early age to walk with the use of gyms.

Having reached high school, join the football team from the section of action. Stay a member of the team until you reach a secondary school. In high school, re-apply to the team and pass the selection using the experience gained in primary schools.

Now the time has come to become the captain of the team. To do this, use working more hard on the Actions tab under your football team until the strip of relationship increases. As soon as it becomes green and reaches 90%, your coach will offer you the role of the captain. Accept this, and the first goal will be fulfilled.


How to become a professional football player in Bit life

The second task of Challenge is to become a professional football player. Since you are already the captain of your secondary school, you will most likely receive proposals from professional teams after its completion. If you did not receive it, do not worry. Submit an application for the selection to any team of middle and low levels in any league. To do this, go into special careers and choose a professional athlete option. Now choose any football league and a team of installed caliber. Over time, you will become a professional player in a particular league by completing the second task.

How to win a golf ball in Bit life

The third task of the World Bit cup contest is to obtain a golden ball. To get a popular award, you must become a successful football player by winning several championships and working hard. Firstly, go from your current team of a top-level team that can win the league by asking for exchange. Before that, use the exercise and also train on the Action tab to increase your common skill and reduce the weaknesses. Going to a good team, use the exercise and also train the choice again and again until you become an elite player. At the same time, you will begin to win the championships and advance to the top of the league. Over time, you will eventually be elected to the Golden Ball and win this award.

Remember that all this depends on good luck, since any injury or random bad work can interfere with your progress at any time.

How to win over 3 football championships in Bit life

The penultimate task in the task is to win more than three football championships with your team. You will do the task indirectly, trying to get a golden ball. Nevertheless, in order to finish, you need to join the top-level team and stay with it until you win 3+ championship. To do this, use the function to exercise/train the opportunity to increase your general capabilities as a player, and then apply for an exchange. With your new experience and skills, you will begin to receive offers from good elite teams. Take any proposal, but do not forget to check the authority of the team by checking the situation in the league and studying their past results. Stay with them until you win three or more champion titles.

How to get a doping test in Bit life

The last and final task in Bit life is to pass a doping test. The game does not allow us to pass the test manually and will be randomly at any time of your career. Make sure that you do not take the drug to increase performance throughout your career to pass the test. Having completed the quest, you will successfully complete the World Bit cup test in Bit life.

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