In the digital marketplace of PlayStation consoles, Store, there is what.

There are newly released hit games such as God of War Ragnarök and Stray, a big stack of publications of the past years, as well as middle-box titles, but also a few coins bought.

But are those cheapest games from anywhere? I decided to buy an output with the smallest price tag, which Store had to offer to find out.

May I introduce: Spectrewoods

When my pants were dressed, I sorted all the games at the PlayStation Store in the cheapest order. As long as I had passed the crooked stack of free games, the first paid title against SpectRewoods came.

Normally the game is sold for $0.25, but can this happiness, now that output was available with an even cheaper $0.12 price tag!

Yes, you have to buy at this discount!

The shops came! Even though SpectRewoods influenced a few screenshots and logo and overall look, and, on the basis of all that, it was downright creepy.

Not there, the money had been hit at the counter and downloads were charged, so nothing more than a game.


Experience begins with a short and bland initial show. The story of this epic tells, perhaps, of interrupted wedding party in the middle of the forest. Running reveals that the official plot description tells us: At midnight in your wedding in the woods, the mysterious event will leave you alone to fight the ghosts. A clear job.

As the going begins, our heroine finds himself in the middle of the forest with a gun in his hand. Playing is to direct the pixel character throughout three fields. Or the field and field, but some sort of areas is available anyway.

The first of them is followed by a flower patch. This fun is over in about a minute. The second area brings a few ghosts that should be fired with a weapon in the hand. Here too, it won’t take a couple of minutes. The last field is practically an intermediate video.

Great gaming, notice how a small part of the screen is in use.

And that’s it. The game through. Below five minutes of fun. Or fun and fun, for SpectRewoods, in the name of honesty, has to be found to be steaming into a hot pile with a cup that doesn’t really have any positive aspect. Except maybe one.

Namely! There is no music, the only sounds in the entire treatment are the frenzied shooting blanks of the gun in the hand and some sort of suffering when the damage is taken. And that’s it. Instead, there are joy in the ear canal that the player is given a kilo of trophy. Those achievements are usually earned, for example, by passing the game, defeating certain challenges and other essentials. Instead, SpectRewoods just visits them into their own account.

In a short five-minute, you will see the player with a bargain for achievement, more specifically 11 gold trophies, and even one easy-to-earn platinum.

The result of five minutes of work.

So spectrewoods goes into the same category as, for example, a stroke dog game we had previously reported, the only main purpose of which is to easily share vertical players. So this is a terrible output for platinum hunters.

And horrible this is really. Its look is cheap pixel, and no matter how big the screen is, the game situation is accommodated in a lower square in the middle of the screen. In the woods, it is not interesting, and it is nothing more than a small moment. The sound world shines with its absence. The story is non-existent and the start and the final video are tube. At least the character’s guidance and the aiming of the gun work.

Here’s the whole game in video format.

Otherwise, if the easy platinum stains are of interest, then our discussion area has its own chain. Click to know this link!

but sum summary

SpectRewoods is a pretty horrible experience whose only positive side (for us who we don’t care about the trophy heavenly) is its short duration.

But I found out what I wanted. The cheapest game in the PlayStation Store is quite a cup. I can’t say I’m surprised.

It is not recommended for anyone unless the launch of platinum trophies is its own number one hobby. Prefer to play good games. Although them or death loop.


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