Ant-Man and the Qualumania wp, the next Marvel Studios film planned for its cinem in 2023, it is seen in a new image in which we see two of its main protagonists, that is, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) and King the conqueror (Jonathan Majors). And this new image seems that it corresponds to the first encounter between both characters, when Ant-Man, the wp and company travel to the quantum kingdom, apparently dominated by the powerful King, a variant of the one that remains seen in the Loki series.

Ant-Man faces King the conqueror

Thus, this new look at both characters shows us a little more about their appearance in the film, with an ant Conqueror that will debut for the first time in Marvel Studios after the first glance of one of his statues at the end of Loki, after the temporal mismatch caused by Thor’s brother.

Of course, the appearance of Jonathan Majors King is unbeatable, with a suit that seems to respect the look of the comics-specially by the violet and green tones-, although up to date at the design level. Scott Lang (Rudd) and Hope Van Done (Lilly) return to continue their adventures such Ant-Man and the Wp in this film that officially starts phe 5 of the Marvel cinematographic universe, we can read part of his synopsis.

Together with Hope’s parents, Hank Pym (Dougl) and Janet Van Done (Pfeiffer), the family is exploring the quantum kingdom, while interacting with strange new creatures and embarking on an adventure that will take them beyond the limits of what they thought it w possible, says his plot.


Ant-Man and the Quemphamania wp, directed by Peyton Readers to take care of the previous two deliveries of the saga-, it h a ct formed by Paul Rudd Scott Lang, Evangeline Lilly Hope Van Done, Jonathan Majors like King the Conquistador, Kathryn Newton Csie Lang, Michelle Pfeiffer Janet Van Done, Randall Park Jimmy Woo, Michael Dougl Doctor Hank Pym and Bill Murray Kayla, among others.

Ant-Man and the Qantumania wp opens in cinem on February 17, 2023.