League of Legends (LOL) and Valorant, a global game company, Riot Games, which is developing and servicing, unveiled a new PC room win-win plan today (28th).


Riot Games has been planning to benefit from domestic PC rooms since its official LOL Korea official service and has been over 10 years since 2011. Through this announcement, various games of Riot Games, such as LOL and Valorant, will strengthen their benefits for premium PC room users.

LOL, which maintains the No. 1 PC room share rankings for 226 consecutive weeks, will hold 10 kinds of skins every month and hold a PC room-only event that provides various products. ▲ All champions can be used ▲ Provide 20% of additional experience. The TFT expands the benefits to enjoy the duel that can be purchased directly in the store, and the first legend, which has been released until the previous set, continues to provide one basic type.

Valorant, which has settled in the top ranking of the PC room, has been piloting new benefits since September, and is planning to introduce all benefits. ▲ The number of free skin lineups provided free of charge, including contents with high user preferences such as Phantom, Banal, and Operator, will double, and ▲ VAL sculptures will be provided through various events such as VAL sculptures. ▲ All agents can be used ▲ We will also benefit from providing 20% of additional experience.

Riot Games CEO CHO Yeo-jin said, We have been discussing a new PC room win-win model after a long discussion. We will continue to introduce various models that can coexist with PC rooms.

Riot Games plans to apply a new win-win model to Riot Premium PC rooms nationwide in early January 2023.