Thomas Water has actually been confirmed in the workplace of DOSE president for 4 years.
In addition, the general conference in Baden-Baden unanimously spoke up for the Olympic strategy.
Continue with Water and a loud yes to the Olympic plans: The members of the German Olympic Sports Association continue to trust their president after the turbulence of the past.
Thomas Water was re-elected with the votes of 434 of the 438 delegates in Baden-Baden, he was the only candidate in the Bureaus.
Under his management, the dream of Olympic Games in Germany must finally end up being a truth.
The method process, which, after disputes in 2023 and a people’ vote in 2024, culminated in a new effort to bring summer or winter season games to Germany, got a great deal of thrust: the members unanimously offered the Go
The objective is set, the outcome is open: the concerns about when, where and why are still to be clarified, the DOSE counts on persuasion: The population needs to recognize the added value of a sustainable major occasion.
Miriam Welt, Olympic champion in train cycling, provided the plan for an application for Olympic and Paralympic Games.
I desire more goosebumps that we can not just see on TV, but rather experience live, stated the DOSE Vice President: Olympic and Paralympic Games are the most significant for every1. An even larger and lesser objective are these games in their own country.
IOC President Thomas Bach did not get the commitment from his typically important homeland.
The honorary president of the DOSE was missing due to Corona.
Thomas Water had consistently traveled to Lausanne in his first year to improve the stressed relationship with the IOC, it was part of his clean-up work according to the Alfons Hermann period, who still hasn’t let go of the umbrella organization.
The injuries of the past, as she understood, have actually not yet recovered.


Even after the letter affair ( Culture of Fear), which led to the fall of Hermann, confidential letters fluttered at the Frankfurt head office of organized sport, in which the brand-new tour with Water and the CEO Torsten Burmese was also strained.
The Ethics Commission satisfied more frequently than desired and came to the end: everything is fine.

The pattern towards confidential letters was astonished by the chairman Thomas de Maiziere.
Criticism must be possible with open face, name and home number, stated the previous Federal Minister of the Interior.
His commission will encourage himself with the presidium and board of directors how confidential letters will be dealt with in the future.
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For German professional athletes, the future is supposed to look dazzling for German professional athletes, the reform of the six-year-old competitive sports reform, which according to Water did not have the required impact, was a subject in Baden-Baden.
Many discussions took location behind the scenes.
The coarse principle, which the DOSE proposed together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, experiences criticism and needs for elaboration.