One of the best features of Platoon 3 is a huge selection of weapons from which players can choose. Nothing prevents the players from plunging into various roles, if they have enough Sheldon licenses to obtain weapons. This makes Sheldon licenses one of the most important currencies in the game. It may be a little vague about how to actually get these licenses, but they are also easy to finish.

How to get more weapons in Platoon 3

Players receive Sheldon licenses, either increasing their game level, or increasing the freshness of one of their types of weapons. The player’s intrastate level increases as he plays in network modes, regardless of whether it is a rating game or just about the war for the territory. Early levels are easy to get, so quickly getting seven or eight licenses of Sheldon will not take much time.

An increase in the level of freshness of weapons is also carried out using this weapon in the game. This level increase occur less often, but they are still in a good way to get additional licenses of Sheldon.

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As soon as they are received, players can go to Ammo Knights in Pottsville. Here Sheldon himself has a cache with weapons from which players can choose. It may be useful to hear Sheldon’s explanation for each weapon. If the player has never used it before, he can find out a couple of things about how to use this weapon from Sheldon.

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