The official trailer video of the new drama “ The Last of Earth ” of the post-apocalyptic genre, which is produced as an HBO original drama, was released on the 4th.
The trailer of 2 minutes and 24 seconds contains several scenes in the game ‘The Last of Earth Part 1’, which is based on the drama.

From the beginning of the game, which depicts the appearance of Sarah and Joel, who escapes the infected neighbors, Joel, Tests, who wants to exit Eli, an immunizer, and Henry, Sam Brothers, and Joel, who are encountered in the process of running away from the plunderers.
The main Bill an character David of the chasing part 1, and the department store in the DLC content ‘left behind’, which draws a pleasant time with a friend of military school in military school, can be found in the trailer.

The big events that make up the story of the Last of Earth Part 1 continued to the length of one to two seconds, which is the trailer you see.
Unlike the teaser video that appeared in September, it contains a variety of actors in charge of each role, so it’s fun to find out what the characters in the game they remember one by one.
At the end of the video, there is also a blotter that slowly appears among the clickers.

The drama ‘Last of Earth’ is an HBO original drama consisting of nine trilogies, and is the latest film introduced by the Chernobyl crew.


It is known that Neil Drug man, a developer and scriptwriter, and the co-president of Nat hi Dog, participated in the production, directing, and script of the drama.
The Last of Earth drama, which is scheduled to be released differently from the game, will be released on January 15, 2023.