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Macron with an exact France projection
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One-Love-Zoff in the DFB group
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+++ 7:44 p.m.: Deschamps describes chain occurrence with Found +++.

France’s national football player Jules Found from FC Barcelona had to put his golden pendant in the 2nd half in the 2nd half in the World Cup round of education.
He had to put them off since it was forbidden. I believed he had actually put her aside before the game started, but that didn’t take place. That was our error, stated coach Didier Deschamps at journalism conference.
He had actually been asked whether it was a rainbow symbol and the professional was therefore asked to take off the locket.
This was specifically rejected by the world champion coach.
A restriction on fashion jewelry from the World Association FIFA has been in impact for several years, and other devices are also forbidden.
You can’t wear sunglasses either, said Deschamps.

+++ 7:24 p.m.: Macron with a precise France projection.

Emmanuel Macron had understood it previously.
The French President was not only sure that France would win 3-1 versus Poland at the World Cup.
The 44-year-old was even better with all the scorers.
I believe we win 3: 1! Lewandowski will make one like Mbappé or maybe Giroud, Macron said of the paper Le Parisian.
And in reality it took place virtually the exact same in the round of 16.
Kylian Mbappé (74th minute/90. +1) and Olivier Giroud (44th) fulfilled on Sunday night in Doha for France, Robert Lewandowski scored late (90. +9) with a charge for the poles.

+++ 7:14 p.m.: Handel gives DFB recommendation +++.

According to Christian Handel, the German Football Association should concentrate on the trainer training after the restriction of the early World Cup failure of the German national group and also count on foreign specialists.
We are tactically not absolutely world leaders, should look abroad how to work, said the s director of the Bundesliga club FSV Mainz 05 of the Build newspaper.

Double standards

I have been saying for a long time that we must purchase the fitness instructor training that something has to alter there. And for that reason: Why not even get coaches from abroad?.

+++ 6:45 p.m.: Runner requires reforms +++.

Handling Director Oliver Runner from the Bundesliga club Union Berlin has actually required far-reaching reforms in the German Football Association (DFB) after the World Cup debacle.
The entire system simply does not fit anymore. We are poorly positioned in the overall location of the DFB, the management of nationwide teams-and that from listed below to top, Runner informed the kicker.
DFB President Bernd Bettendorf and his Vice Hans-Joachim Wake anticipate a first analysis of the shame in Qatar by national coach Hansi Flick and Handling Director Oliver Bailiff in the next few days.
The 1996 European champion in specific is slammed, he was jointly responsible for the last 3 competition dissatisfaction.

+++ 5:58 p.m.: Croatia threatens Sosa failure +++.

Croatia’s left-back Born Sosa from VfB Stuttgart threatens to fall out against Japan in the World Cup round of 16.
The 24-year-old could not take part in the final training of the Croatians due to the fact that of an infection.
Sosa had actually currently felt tired the day before and got a fever.
We will absolutely not take any threat, said national coach Plato Dali on Sunday prior to the final training session and made a mission based on his involvement in the system.
We will just compete with gamers who are 100 % fit, Dali stated.
According to media reports, Sosa is likewise said to have been checked with an unfavorable finding for the coronavirus.

+++ 5:17 p.m.: Giroud protects France record +++.

Through his goal for 1-0 on the planet Cup round of the World Cup against Poland, Olivier Giroud increased to the sole record shooter of soccer world champ France.
It was his 52nd worldwide objective, so far he led the leaderboard together with Thierry Henry.
For the 36-year-old, who has actually been the 2nd oldest World Cup shooter in France to Zinedine Zidane considering that his double pack versus Australia, it was the third goal at this competition.
At the 2018 World Cup triumph in Russia, he remained without a goal, although he was utilized in all seven video games.

+++ 5:14 p.m.: This is how Löw followed the World Cup debacle +++.

He had to put them off since it was prohibited. I thought he had put her aside prior to the video game started, but that didn’t happen. That was our mistake, stated coach Didier Deschamps at the press conference.
+1) and Olivier Giroud (44th) met on Sunday evening in Doha for France, Robert Lewandowski scored late (90. +9) with a charge for the poles.

Ex-national coach Joachim Löw follows the World Cup in Qatar by means of TV in his hometown Freiburg.
I constantly believed it would be nice to take a look at such a World Cup from the exterior without being right in the middle of it, the 62-year-old told the Spiegel.
The success coach, which led the German national group in Brazil to the World Cup title and served as a national coach from 2006 to 2021, informed the Hamburg news magazine that he was still near the DFB group.
He then remembers the conferences with the group, the bus flight to the arena or the arrival in the cabin.

+++ 4:57 p.m.: Ex-national gamer slams the DFB +++.

Previous soccer player Tabla Lemme, presently working as a World Cup specialist for Magenta TV, guarantees little from the crisis top between the top of the German Football Association and the ing management of the national group.
What comes together is a creative round, stated the 30-year-old in an interview with Muncher Merger/TZ.
According to the matching media reports, DFB President Bernd Bettendorf, his Vice Hans-Joachim Wake, national coach Hansi Flick and Managing Director Oliver Bailiff will come together on Wednesday early morning in Frankfurt/Main.
There are four heads, there are 4 men who are complete of football company, plus one with politics.
In their viewpoint, football has actually entrenched themselves in a bladder.
You do not get any other people who may likewise question what we often produce a nonsense. In addition, the huge problem comes: the greater the criticism, the higher the fear for the post, said the Olympic champ.
From 2016: As quickly as another know-how wants to enter our industry, the door is contributed to her..

+++ 3:27 p.m.: South Korea coach had problem with Neymar return +++.

The possible return from Brazil’s superstar Neymar concerns South Korea’s coach Paulo Bento in an incredibly troublesome before the round of 16.
We would have preferred to have it without Neymar, stated the 53-year-old on Sunday.
However, in the end you always need to play versus the finest with a World Cup.
South Korea has been back in the knockout round of a World Cup since 2010 and will meet the five-time world champ Brazil in the round of 16 on Monday (8:00 p.m.).
In the 1: 5 in a test video game in June, Neymar fulfilled South Korea twice.
On Monday, the 30-year-old will be available again after the foot injury survived.
The outcome of the summer assessed Bento, who can go back to the training zone after a red bane, as unimportant: A comparison is impossible. It will be another video game with other gamers..
In preparation for the game, the Portuguese, according to its own details, was primarily limited to video analyzes and slammed the short break between the particular video games.
It is not reasonable to have to play every game after only 72 hours. We have to accept it if the FIFA chooses, stated Bento.

+++ 1:50 pm Neymar choice made +++.

Superstar Neymar is available to Brazilians once again in the round of 16 of the World Cup.
National coach Time in Doha Knapp responded to the matching question of a reporter: Yes..
The Select starts on Monday (8:00 p.m./ ZDF and Magenta TV) versus South Korea in the knockout phase of the competition in Qatar.
After his foot injury, the 30-year-old trained with the ball again for the very first time from the opening video game against Serbia (2-0).
I feel great, I knew that I would do it now, Neymar wrote on social networks and took photos of training.

+++ 1:33 p.m.: Van Goal after Orange success at a party mood +++.

The gamers of the Dutch national group commemorated their move into the World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday evening.
When again a celebration, fitness instructor Louis van Goal was.
The coach thanked the press conference with a thick kiss on his cheek at his match winner Denzel Humphries, who had actually previously been designated player of the game by FIFA after a goal and 2 templates against the USA.
I offered him a huge kiss on Thursday, and now I’m doing it once again, the coach fox commented on his action.
Later in the evening, video recordings of the association revealed how the bond coach returned to the team hotel with his gamers.
The Local had actually won its round of 16 against the USA 3-1 on Saturday afternoon and can continue to dream of the first World Cup title.

+++ 1:14 p.m.: Japan wants to write history +++.

The DFB missed it irresponsible to make a clear choice in great time so that football can be in focus, wrote the German record national player in a contribution to the Build paper.
Oliver Bailiff was likewise criticized by Matthews.
The DFB director is appropriately criticized, after all, the results have actually not been right for 5 years.
So you have to ask if it is still the right one! Obviously, it is likewise the responsibility that the connecting topic intensified..
National coach Hansi Flick strengthened Matthews.
Personnel consequences need to not be left out in the preliminary round after the World Cup, the 61-year-old composed.
I still believe that Hansi Flick needs to stay nationwide coaches, no much better, readily available alternative..

The former world champ captain stated: Hans has what it takes. And is self-critical enough to discover from his errors..

+++ 8:53 p.m.: Neymar back in training +++.

9 days after his ankle injury, Brazil’s football star Neymar once again taped ball training and thus fed wish for a project on the planet Cup round of ulcer versus South Korea on Monday (8:00 p.m. CET/ZDF and Magenta TV).
In a video published by the National Association CBF, the 30-year-old can undoubtedly be seen free of symptoms when heating up with a ball in the gamer group and when training.
The striker of Paris St. German had contracted a ligament injury in the ideal ankle in the opening game against Serbia (2-0) and lacked the Select in the other two group games against Switzerland (1-0) and Cameroon (0: 1).
However, there ought to just be the thumbs-up for its use after the last training session on Sunday.
Striker Gabriel Jesus and left-back Alex Tells, on the other hand, stop working due to the remainder of the World Cup tournament.
According to the FIFA policies, post-nomination is no longer possible.
Both actors suffered knee injuries against Cameroon.
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Germany restriction Japan wishes to create historic work at the World Cup in Qatar and make it through the round of 16 for the very first time.
We have actually never ever come previously, however we hope that we will write and win history, stated defender Auto Anatomy prior to the battle with Croatia on Monday (4:00 p.m./ ZDF and Magenta TV).
The team was confident as the winner of Group E, said the 36-year-old: We believe that we can do it..
National coach Anime Marinas expects his players to fearlessly play versus the vice world champ.
Anatomy also stressed: No matter how much we have dealt with whatever, why we are scared, it will be worthless in the field..
Japan found out from the round of 16 in 2018 in Russia versus Belgium (2: 3), said the coach: Experience was important..
Ever since, Japanese football has developed.
The specific gamers have enhanced, said Marinas when asked what has changed: Japan has constantly been a team that can play arranged. But if the individual gamers are not strong, this is not sufficient..
He will never ever forget the game against Belgium, stated Anatomy.
The team is now the greatest in the Japanese World Cup history, we want to win against Croatia.

+++ 11.38 p.m.: One-Love-Zoff in the DFB team +++.

A number of observers likewise attributed the truth that the German nationwide soccer group at the World Cup in Qatar just recently could not call their best form at the very best form.
The setting of political signs really played a larger function within the team and certainly caused disputes.
Since as the sman reports, there were different viewpoints within the team whether and how the DFB team must attend to political problems after FIFA intervention in Qatar.
More on this!

+++ 09:58 p.m.: FIFA since of Sievert in criticism +++.

Previous FIFA referee Thorsten Infer has heavily criticized the World Football Association for the faulty protection of the German World Cup referee Daniel Sievert.
I actually get a neck: In the interior, FIFA chiefs run in the interior with portfolios under their arm and button in the ear. Security personnel, which the referees led safely into the catacombs, I missed out on, wrote Infer in his column in the picture.
On Sunday: This is better organized in every district league game..
After the World Cup out of the two-time world champ Uruguay, Sievert had actually been greatly taken on by the South American players.
Uruguay had actually missed the round of 16 despite the 2-0 (2-0) in the group final versus Ghana.
The team of Captain Luis Suárez was missing out on a goal.
The Uruguayans Sievert blamed for this because he had actually denied them a charge.
I can understand the (subjective) annoyance. If you need to choose such controversial scenes as a referee, a celebration always feels cheated, composed Infer: But the Uruguayans are (once again) entirely over the target..

+++ 7:19 p.m.: Curious curse for DFB group +++.

Superstitious people have no good news for German football.
At the World Cup in Qatar, a law continued that can have terrible effects for the nationwide group.
A ruling winner of the Confederations Cup has actually never ever been world champ.
The DFB-Elf won the 2017 occasion that was when held as a World Cup basic rehearsal with a confident young team.
8 gamers from national coach Hansi Flick’s current World Cup squad were there in Russia at the time.
The issue: the competitors was abolished, there will be no successor winner.
The football curse hangs on the nationwide team.
The evidence: Both 2018 and this year in Qatar stopped working the DFB selection on the planet Cup group stage.
The Confer Cup winner Argentina (1994), Brazil (1998, 2006, 2010 and 2014) and France (2002) also stayed uncrowned with the next World Cup tournament.
Germany will never be a soccer world champ once again?
As an option for the DFB, there is most likely only one application to the FIFA for reintroduction of the competition in the summer of 2025, one year prior to the World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A.
Even worse: the possibilities are likewise bad for the house European Championships 2024.
The Confer curse undoubtedly also reaches the European title fights.
Denmark (1996), France (2004) and Germany (2021) as the victor of the Mini World Cup at the next European Championship.

+++ 07:01: Matthew sees no option for flick +++.

After the early end of the World Cup, Other Matthews has accused the German Football Association (DFB) of not getting the argument about the One Love plaster banned by the World Association FIFA.