Versus this background, the BVB offspring did not play down the blue from the sky in its home games is hardly surprising: 3 triumphs deal with a tie and five beats. The yield of 10 points and 6:12 objectives is simply 16 in the home table of the 3rd league.

And the BVB threatens even more unemployment in terms of stadium: As the Ruhr Nachrichten report, the conclusion of the red earth is postponed by another four weeks.

When the English weeks for BVB professionals began in fall and threatened the lawn through too numerous games, the 2nd representation of the district club in the Wuppertal stadium at the Zoo ended.

The building website around the Rote Earth stadium becomes a boundless story for Borussia Dortmund. There are even more hold-ups, with enormous results on the game operation of the U23 of the BVB.

The Red Earth stadium has been a big building site for months. The U23 of Borussia Dortmund first needed to move to the Signal Idea Park for her home video game in the 3rd division.

BVB: That is why the stadium conversion is postponed

The next step can only happen when this work, which is to prevent the playing area from sacking later, is only possible: installation of the yard heating by BVB.

The problem: The filling of the underground cavities produced by coal mining took considerably longer than anticipated. Around 350 holes in the ground and around 3400 lots of concrete needed to be utilized to be utilized under the stadium, stated Ruse.

Yes, the building and construction work has extended once again, confirmed Bernd Ruse, managing director of s and leisure companies in Dortmund, opposite the paper.

does the U23 of BVB relocation to Perfume?

The U23 of the BVB might for that reason transfer to Wuppertal again. According to REGISTERED NURSE, another transfer to Perfume is also up for argument.

It is currently clear that the cost of the large task Red Earth has exploded: the city of Dortmund now pays 3.35 million euros for the remodeling instead of the initially planned 2.5.

This is scheduled to begin from January 9th, at the earliest at the end of February at the earliest in the time-honored venue, the ball can be role-definitive too late for the first home video games after the World Cup break, beginning with the battle versus VFL Osnabrück on January 21 (14: 00).