The Game Awards, the awards gala in which the advertisements and performances are also made, usually lts several hours.
Throughout these years, the most critical voices have sharpened the knives against Geoff Eighty and his show, since they think that their duration is excessive.

The mter of ceremonies of the gala is aware of this and h confirmed that this year’s edition will be shorter.
A coca we are doing this year is to try to make the show a little shorter, he revealed on a Twitter live.
I will not say anything officially before we do the rehearsals, but I think it will be significantly shorter this year.
And why have you decided to opt for a shorter gala?
Eighty h reflected on it and h pointed to fatigue the main reon.


He maintains that many want to be part of the show and that there were too many games, so in this edition they will make cuts in that regard:
We have quite significantly cut the duration of the event.
There will be fewer games, less big games, he said.
Anyway, the Canadian h advanced that The Game Awards 2022 will have between 30 and 40 video games.

What are Got nominees in 2022?

The title that the award for the best game of the year is elucidated just a few days.
Among the candidates are, of course, the two great favorites: on the one hand, Elden Ring, the mterpiece of from Software directed by Hideaway Miyazaki;
on the other, God of War Ragnarök, sequel to the 2018 game. Other candidates are plague tale: Requiem, Stray, Horizon Forbidden West and Enfilade Chronicles 3.
The Game Awards 2022 will be held on December 8 (December 9 in Spain), starting at 1:30 am (CET).
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So you can vote in the Player’s Voice category. Don’t forget that Valve is going to give away a Steam Deck every minute.